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Adapt Adhesive - For Eyelash Extensions

Adapt Adhesive - For Eyelash Extensions

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It's not fussy, it adapt to you.

Perfect for lash-to-lash, hybrid, volume, mega volume applications, humid and dry environments, PROs who work from home or without air conditioning... This little gem is a concentrate of technology to simply adapt to YOU!

⭐️ Deep black in color , ADAPT Adhesive provides an even more intense effect to your services.

🏆 World record: only 2 hours after application, your client can clean their face or take an incredible relaxing bath because the adhesive will have completely dried (what we call curing time).

💥 When applied, its drying time is instantaneous. Yes yes, filed, it's stuck. You gain in ease, speed and therefore also profitability.

The performance of Adapt Adhesive is not affected by differences in humidity, thus maintaining its high performance, even when the season changes.

Last detail which is very important: ADAPT Adhesive is the very first glue for eyelash extensions in the world that cannot be stored in the refrigerator.

- Color Deep black

- Polymerization time: 2 hours only

- Store OUTSIDE the refrigerator

- Recommended for clients with oily skin or experiencing hormonal imbalance, with an activity or life subject to temperature and humidity shocks: swimming pool, restaurant or hair salon activity, etc.

Clear bottle 4.76 ml

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