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Flash Matte - Eyelash Extension

Flash Matte - Eyelash Extension

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The dark side

Flash Mat eyelash extensions have the particularity of having an oval base. This allows extraordinary stability for the technician because the eyelash is more easily held straight on the natural eyelash. You therefore save precious seconds with each application.

For the client, the oval base helps keep the eyelashes straight. They therefore need to be brushed less to maintain an impeccable result.

The matte black color allows for an eyeliner effect and an even deeper look.

  • Provide a rich fringe/eyeliner style effect.
  • Quick and easy applications: save up to 4 seconds per lash.
  • Foolproof application: Flash eyelash extensions are applied in the blink of an eye.
  • Extraordinary stability even on young adolescent eyelashes (catagen phase).
  • Perfect result: they stay straight and do not get tangled
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