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Botulash - Professional care

Botulash - Professional care

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Botox for wrinkles, Botulash for your precious eyelashes and eyebrows

Discover the new lash lift generation called MISENLIFT! Innovation Prize in Paris 🏆

Botulash is to eyelashes and eyebrows, what botox is to wrinkles. Designed to complete the Misenlift lash lift service, this formula unique to Misencil is a truly advanced treatment. The treatment repairs the fiber of damaged or brittle eyelashes with a concentrate of active ingredients that will infuse hydration and repair weaknesses in the fiber for a softer and shinier eyelash. This lotion can also be used as a treatment alone to treat eyelashes following eyelash extension removal or as part of a treatment.

The main assets are:

  • Panthenol: covers the eyelash and attaches to its surface, giving a shiny appearance.
  • African Baobab Extract: one of the most powerful hair repair complexes among all plant proteins. With its unique combination of hair-loving amino acids, it generates exceptional damage recovery, conditioning, and nourishment for overall improvement in lash appearance.
  • Silk Amino Acid: penetrates deep into the eyelash cortex to strengthen and repair.
  • Keratin: smoothes and hydrates the cuticle of damaged eyelashes and fills cracks.

15mL tube

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