Classic eyelash extension E-learning

Master the art of Misencil eyelash extension

Learn all the basics of the safest application technique on the market with absolutely no damage to natural lashes and eyes.

Classic eyelash extensions training will first start with a theory focus in which you will learn about the Misencil concept and philosophy as well as all of our products. This will be followed by a hands-on practice on mannequin heads as well as your very first eyelash extension applications on real models. At the end of the session, our Misencil expert gives you your prestigious certification!

Goal: Hands-on and theoretical training on the individual lash extension application technique.

This training will teach you:

The aim of classic training is to standardize the theoretical aspect of training. The e-learning aspect allows students to absorb information at their own pace. A validation in class of the acquired skills will be conducted and then give way to practice time. Classic online training is the only course available online. Its explicit section on safety and hygiene as well as its practice exercises on a mannequin at home in preparation for the class lesson distinguishes it from all that is currently offered on the market. Access to the course is quick, either upon payment for the online training.

Online Classic training included:

  • 6 months access ton online courses including:
    • Tutorial videos
      Bonus: “5 good practices to start your business” video
    • Reading
    • Concept validation quiz
    • Dowloadable Technical Sheets
    • Bonus: Downloadable Consultation Sheet
  • Complete Misenlux starting kit ($600 value)
      • Eye Gel Contour No. 3
      • Face & Eye Make-up Remover
      • Macarons
      • Shampooing Kit
      • 15 pairs of FLEX patches
      • Balance 7
      • Medical adhesive
      • Plastic medical adhesive
      • 100 pink mascara-brushes
      • 25 lint-free applicators
      • Jade stone
    • Protector for jade stone
    • Gold tip straight tweezers
    • Gold tip curved tweezers
    • Ultra curved tweezers
    • Technical plaque
    • Fan
    • 8 mm eyelash extension tray
    • 9 mm eyelash extension tray
    • 10 mm eyelash extension tray
    • Onyx Adhesive
    • Eyelash remover gel
  • Mannequin head to practice
  • Student guide
  • Full resale products display (optional)

Academy and private classic training

Classic Training is also available at the Bg Beauté Academy and in the cozyness of your beauty salon. Private training is offered for a team of seven technicians.


For more information, contact our team right away 1-888-492-9984 ext. 4 or complete the form below.




Aprox. 6H (+ 6h for practice)

Model necessary



Misencil Technician

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