Advanced Eyelash Extension E-learning

Come and level up your art by becoming a top eyelash stylist.

This virtual training allows you to deepen your knowledge on facial morphology, learn to work with the famous HD adhesive and to get a bunch of ideas to retain your customers.

In few hours, learn how to safely apply eyelash extensions on the lashes of the lower eyelids with this unique Misencil technique! The trainer then invites you to reproduce the techniques and concepts learned in the comfort of your studio.

At the end, you get your Misencil Stylist certification. Your then are the master of your art! Certification awarded on completion of the course. For experienced technicians only.

Goal: Acquire in theory and in practice, the various techniques adapted to the client’s eye shapes.

Course content and schedule

  • Online theory


    • The commercial and technical difficulties
    • Loyalty of the clientele
    • Stylize extensions according to the shape of the eyes
    • Making glitter eyelashes
    • Applying crystals and / or glitter eyelashes
    • Applying lower lid lashes (Misentech)

After the training…

  • Reminder on theory/practice

    If at the end of your training and after practicing on your clients, you still don’t have the confidence you can always send us a case study for extra support, FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Certification

    By receiving your Advanced Misencil Stylist certification, you will be given the opportunity of becoming an Official Dealer which will give you great visibility on the Misencil website to allow you to constantly grow your business! Certification is given at the end of the training. For experienced technicians only.


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Classic Training


Approx. 8H (1 day)

Model necessary



Misencil Technician

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