Misenlift Lash Lift E-learning Training

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Free training with purchase of the kit!

Misencil®, recognized as a worldwide reference for eyelash extensions, introduces the new generation eyelash enhancement: Misenlift®. Derived from state-of-the-art technologies and a unique development approach, the high-quality standards of th

sencil® service translates to comfort, security and irreproachable technique, as much for the professional that you are as for the customer who will immediately notice the difference. Moreover, Misencil is proud to be the first on the market to completely eliminate sodium bromate, a potential carcinogenic.

After years of research, this new generation of Misenlift® eyelash enhancement is the most advanced and comprehensive kit designed to meet your technical expectations and to facilitate the personalization required for each client.

We rely on you to take care of it as much as it will take care of your customers.

*Take note: Your access for e-learning training will be sent to you within 7 business days of your purchase.

*Important: For New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia, cosmetology required that you follow the aesthetician training before following a lashes training. Please add your cosmetology license number in the shipping information in the cart. If conditions are not respected, your training will be canceled and refund.

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Course content and schedule

  • Plan

    • Introduction
    • A message from the co-founder!
    • What to expect
    • What will we cover?
  • Welcome to your course!

    • Before we start…
  • Before the application

    • Lessons 1: What is Misenlift and who is it for?
    • Lesson 2: Consultation and medical conditions
  • The application

    • Lesson 3: Lash lift, lash tint and Botulash
    • Before we go any further
    • How to properly select your cushion
  • After the application…

    • Lesson 4: Recommandations and maintenance
    • Lesson 5: Good commercial practices
  • Next steps…

    • Picture evaluation
    • Before you go!
    • What did you think…
  • Certification

    After the session, our Misencil expert gives you your prestigious certification!


For more information, contact our team right away 1-888-492-9984 ext. 4 or complete the form below

AccordD financing available when purchasing by phone.

Training cost included:

  • E-learning Training
  • Misenlift Deluxe Kit
    • 15 Perm Lotions n°1
    • 15 Setting Lotions n°2
    • 15 Nourishing Lotions n°3
    • Botulash – Eyelash Treatment
    • Glue
    • 5 Y Brushes
    • 125 Lint-free Applicators
    • 10 Lifting pads (S)
    • 10 Lifting pads (M)
    • 10 Lifting pads (L)
    • 10 Curling pads (S)
    • 10 Curling pads (M)
    • 10 Curling pads (L)
    • Lash shampoo and brush
    • Balance 7
    • 15 Pairs of SENS patches
    • Eyelash black tint
    • 3% Cream developer
    • Tinting brush
    • Tint cup




5 hours

Model necessary

Yes, 1 model


Misenlift Lash Lift Technician


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