Tips to Speed Up your Eyelash Application

19 January 2022

In the field of eyelash extensions, we work in detail. We must be aware of the importance of each detail. Some have the power to save us time. If you would like to speed up your eyelash application and increase your profitability, this article contains tips for you.

  1. Prepare in Advance:
    You’ve seen in training how to prepare your workstation, but are you really doing it? Make sure you have everything you need on hand. Visualize the steps of the performance to make sure you don’t forget anything. Here are some reminders and ideas: prepare the jars for cleaning the tweezers in case of contact with the glue, this way you will avoid searching and wasting time. Prepare the client’s health assessment and fill in the fields you know the answers to, such as the date and her name. Glue the plastic protector on the jade stone in advance. If you are doing a
    refill and you know the lengths and thicknesses required for your application, prepare your technical plate with the extension strips ready to use. You’ll save a few seconds here and there, but in the end every coordination detail counts.
  2. Volume or Hybrid sets, try our pre-made fans:
    Save time and increase your profitability in the salon with the arrival of our new “Bloom” pre-made fans. They are finally here, available for you in 4D and 5D, length 8 to 13mm, thickness 0.07 and in CC curvature. They are ready to use. Don’t be stressed if your client arrives late. They are ideal for clients who are in a hurry. You will be charmed by the speed you will gain. Their lightness, flexibility, thinness and softness are simply impressive. The glue point is practically invisible, not to mention the regularity of the fan openings which offers a surprising volume effect. Each box
    contains enough lashes to do two full clients or four refills. Don’t do volume lashes yet? No problem, you can use them – minimum requirement volume training. Basic training is all you need. The 90 degree tweezers are ideal for application.
  3. Take your Time to Save Time:
    Think you’re saving time by skipping the shampoo and Balance 7 step? Think again, that’s your mistake. You will save time on your refills, because using them increases retention. There will be more lashes present and the refill will take less time, because there will be less extensions to apply. The client will be more satisfied. Take the time to do things right as shown in your training.
  4. The Technical Bracelet:
    The technical bracelet is adjustable, comfortable and ergonomic. Your lash extension strips will be within reach to gain speed. If you don’t have it yet, don’t hesitate to get it, because it’s a tool that will become your essential.
  5. Adapt Adhesive:
    Adapt adhesive, thanks to its ultra-fast drying capacity, this black colored glue reduces the application time and helps to set fans. This glue is the most resistant to variations in humidity  levels and temperature differences. Its incredible properties also allow it to be stored at room temperature simply. Try it without further delay and increase speed.
  6. Avoid Coffee:
    While a good cup in the morning is appreciated, this stimulant can increase hand shaking and interfere with your isolation by making it more difficult. By avoiding coffee right before a client, you increase your chances of having steady, accurate hands and ensure that you don’t waste unnecessary time.
  7. Space Ergonomics:
    Rethink your space to maximize every movement. Make sure you have a comfortable table height and a chair with wheels to move around. Have everything within reach, even your trash can. Proper lighting will help you see better and save time. Have you seen our Lash Light lamp? Our advice, there is no such thing as too much light. Don’t neglect the importance of your work ergonomics, as it will influence the quality and speed of your work.
  8. Prioritize the Bottom Row of Lashes:
    As you have seen in training, the upper lids can contain between two and six rows of lashes. In case of lack of time, prioritize the bottom row of lashes with the “layering” technique which will give a more visible and satisfying effect for the client. The lower layers are the first to be visible when looking in the mirror. Layering can thus become a strategic way to work more efficiently.
    A little detail here and there will greatly help you in your goal of speed and profitability. Never neglect the details, because it is in them that we discover significant improvements. The Misencil team wishes you all the success you deserve.

Sabrina Beaulieu
Misencil Trainer