The equipment of an eyelash extension technician

30 July 2019

Eyelash extension is the new beauty trend that keeps growing bigger and bigger worldwide. This technique gives volume and length to the lashes in a very natural way. If you are an eyelash extensions technician, know that you will need to be well equipped to better satisfy your customers’ needs, but above all, to face the competition.

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Eyelash extension tweezers are one of the most important tools for the eyelash extension technician. They must be precise, thin, made of stainless steel and antimagnetic. To avoid limiting your possibilities, and especially to make your life easier, get at least the following types of pliers: curved tweezer (to isolate the eyelashes), straight tweezer (to use when you apply the lash extension on the natural lash). If you practice russian volume, another type of tweezer is recommanded to isolate more precisely. Other types of tweezer exists with bigger angles: 45° or 90°.

Good quality eyelash extensions

For better results, it is important to use good quality extensions. You should choose your eyelash extensions carefully according to your customers’ goals and expectations. Those extensions will be the proof of your professionalism and above all of the attention you pay to your customers. Good quality eyelash extensions are those that effectively retain their curves and do not bend easily while maintaining a very natural look.

An eye make-up remover

Before applying eyelash extensions, it is important that natural eyelashes are clean. To make sure, you need to use a special eye makeup remover. A suitable product is essential because the skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive. It is important to remember that if oil or mascara remains on the lashes before application, the glue used for extensions will not cure properly.

An eyelash shampoo with a brush

Primordial step is the assurance that the lash set can begin well: cleaning. Complete makeup removal is required followed by a deep cleansing thanks to a shampoo developed specifically with its own lash brush. This step will remove any impurity, trace of sebum or any body housed between the eyelashes which wouldn’t allow a good adhesion of the extension and may create premature extension loss.

Patches for eyelash extensions

Patches are essential for the practice of eyelash extension. They allow you to isolate the lower lashes while protecting the lower eyelids. Above all, you should choose types that adapt to any shape eyes. They are easier to apply and save you a lot of time.

An adhesive to maintain lash extensions

A special glue is used to hold the extensions in place. But you guessed it, not all glues are equal. Choose your glue according to its setting time, fume emission and viscosity. Lower fumes for sensitive eyes, quick setting time for quicker lash technicianhs and a higher viscosity for a stronger bond. For the price, you can get a good quality glue from 130 dollars per 5 ml. It should be remembered that the performance of an adhesive also depends on the environment in which it is used.