PRO Patches

2 March 2022

We present to you a superb new product this month: the Pro Patches!

I am often asked what the patches are used for in our industry, but I am sure you know that they are essential to our protocol of service in lash extensions.

Here are our 3 boxes of patches:

So why?

This is the opportunity to review together their usefulness:

The patches at the bottom

Placed on the lashes at the bottom of the eye, they make it possible to hide the lashes and thus to avoid sticking or entangling extensions placed on the lashes at the top with the lashes of the bottom.

They also protect the underside of the eye, especially for beginners who tend to press their tweezers too heavily on the patches.

Top patches

Placed on the upper eyelid, they will help to close the eye correctly and thus avoid reactions (watering) to glue evaporation.
It is important to know that the risk of a drop of glue falling into the eye unfortunately does exist! This is why the top patch is so important. It will prevent the eye from opening if your client suddenly wakes up.

I think that 80% of my clients doze off or fall asleep completely during the service. I often say, we have a relaxing, even soporific effect!
And keep in mind that we work with very sharp tweezers for our precision, and glue that we don’t want to get in our clients’ eyes.

So please, out of respect for our work, our clients and their eyes, let’s consistently work with the Misencil protocol, which is: one patch on the bottom of the eye and one on the top of the eye. 😊


Here is a small photo to apply the top and bottom patches:

The top patch will also help you technically with layering or row work.

Sooo, let’s talk about these PRO Patches!

I love them, we thought of you during the development process to make them super practical for lash extension applications! You will be able to create your mapping directly on these patches, thanks to the different lines already printed on them.

We know that at the beginning of the training, we apply ourselves to make our sets step by step as our first day of training. And then with experience and dexterity, we quickly forget to do a mapping or we create the mapping “in our head” to save time. I know, I used to do the same thing, we are all caught up with time on a daily basis and that’s quite normal 😉

But we realize that the final result is not as accurate, whether in the booth or in photos. And here I am talking to you in terms of harmony, mix of extensions, set adapted to each of our customers…

I often see lash artists in private lessons or in master classes who have put mapping aside, but who feel a lack in their practice.

These patches are a bit like a light bulb that lights up and encourages you to write your chosen lengths of extensions on them. You can also take a photo of your mapping for your client’s next touch-up and thus ensure a more precise follow-up of the touch-ups.

You will only have to write the different lengths of eyelash extensions desired to create the desired architecture of lashes and meet the expectations of your clients.

Here are some examples of mapping on the patch pro for inspiration:


Another advantage of these patches is that they adhere to the skin well enough to avoid having to reposition them during your service. The lower lashes will be well protected, while respecting the sensitivity of the eye contour.

A must for clients with sensitive eyes!

We all have a few clients who are more sensitive and sometimes even the patch creates discomfort during the application. With PRO patches that are free of active ingredients and made with a repositionable silicone adhesive, customers with sensitive eyes will be delighted. No more redness caused by the medical tapes used to hold the patches in place, no more tingling on the thin skin around the eyes caused by exposure to the active ingredients. Who knows? Maybe even some of the clients who stopped getting lashes because they had a reaction are in fact reactive to the patches and not to the glue! Food for thought!

Other essential Misencil patches

  • SENS Patches: created and designed by our Misencil technicians, they are morphological and perfectly suited to both round and almond-shaped eyes. Very comfortable, they generally allow not to use tape. They are enriched with vitamin E.


  • FLEX patches: flexible and very comfortable. They are more neutral in their composition and are therefore suitable for more sensitive skin. They can be applied to both the upper and lower eyelids.

Here is a grid that will help you compare our different patches and find your favorite:

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