New Bloom Premade Fans

1 December 2021

Avez-vous déjà rêvé dans votre vie de lash artiste de gagner du temps dans vos prestations ?

Vous pouvez à présent diminuer votre temps de pose d’extensions de cils par 3 avec un résultat époustouflant voir avec 2 à 4 fois plus de volume que d’habitude.

Have you ever dreamed in your lash artist life to save time in doing sets?

You can now reduce your lash extension application time by 3 with a breathtaking result, even with 2 to 4 times more volume than usual.

A profitability to take into consideration for your salon.

You will say: but how?


Misencil is pleased to announce the official and long awaited launch of the new generation of premade fans, the BLOOM premade fans!

We are talking about premade fans but maybe you do not know yet their existence, so here are some explanations.

The fans are several extensions gathered at the base by a glue bond or heat bond which creates a ready to use fan.

Other types of fan exist in the field:

Handmade fans, real Russian Volume are fans made live during the set with your client. This technique is learned during a Russian Volume eyelash extension training, and a certain amount of practice is required to be comfortable with this technique.

And then we have the Promade fans which are prepared in advance by you and stored.

So for you ladies, you will quickly understand what the advantages of this technique using premade fans are. Here is what you should know:

  • Saving time and therefore a significant profitability for your salon while charging more than classic sets.
  • An impeccable result, thanks to the perfect and ultra-regular distance of the extensions which constitute the fan.
  • An almost invisible glue bond that allows you to respect the weight balance with the natural lash.
  • Great for technicians who are Classic trained, but who have requests from clients for more volume.

For whom and why?

At this point, you’re probably wondering if Bloom is right for you?

Very simple, read carefully these different points

  • You are an eyelash extension technician but have not yet completed the Russian Volume training,
  • You have clients who ask you for a more intense, more visible result,
  • You have a client profile with droopy eyelids and little lash density,
  • You have been trained in Russian Volume but do not yet feel comfortable with the technique yet,
  • You are an expert in Russian Volume but want to reduce your time of service,
  • You are an expert in Volume but want to lighten your workload.

If you answered yes to at least one of these criteria, you can go ahead and test them, there is no doubt about it!


How our Misencil premade fans look like?

Bloom pre-made fans:

  • Same space between each lash
  • Available in CC curvature, semi-gloss
  • Softness and incredible finesse
  • 396 fans per box
  • Multi-length: from 8 to 13 mm
  • Available in 4D and 5D
  • Thickness of 0.07 mm

Lashes thought in an ecological way, the box is made of cardboard from forests managed in an eco-responsible way.

The number of fans is sufficient for 2 full volume sets or 4 volume touch-ups.

To help you always respect the natural lash, we have prepared this table which is none other than the weight chart of the Russian Volume fans according to the natural lashes.

These fans open up a wide range of possibilities for you and your clients.

You can practice complete volume sets with the Bloom, but also the possibility of sets or touch ups in Hybrid (50% classic, 50% volume).

Some tips:

– positioning on the natural lash

Adapt to the nature of your clients’ lashes, i.e.:

If the client has straight lashes, you will place your fan underneath on your first row of lashes for an intense impact in the mirror reflection.

If you want to fill a gap in a row of lashes, then you will place the fan on the side of the natural lash by orienting it at an angle to fill this gap.

– The glue dip

When the fan is dipped in the glue, you can go up slightly above the initial glue bond (1mm) in order to dip it properly.

– Patience and patience

At the beginning of using the Bloom premade fans, take the time to place the fan on the natural lash, count 2 to 3 seconds before releasing the fan.

Then remove your tweezers gently without touching the fan positioned on the natural lash. It will continue to fix its position.

By following all these points you will always respect the natural lash.

Bloom’s premade fans are to be used without moderation with all the criteria of the respect of the lash learned in Classic or Volume training, you will be able to widen your clientele by answering their needs which evolve continuously.

You will love to use them and your clients will be convinced for sure.

I wish you wonderful sets!

Don’t forget to publish pictures of the sets done with the Bloom and tag @Misencil.Professional 😊