Balance 7+ – A small step for the planet, a big step for Professionals

19 May 2021

Balance 7+ préparateur adhérence optimisateur ph cils sourcils

A small step for the planet, a big step for all professionals!

We are used to comparing an eyelash extension adherence optimizer to a primer in the vocabulary of nail salon services or to a canvas for a painter.

Indeed, there is nothing better than painting on a perfectly white canvas, freshly cleaned, smooth or free of all impurities. This is exactly the case with an adherence optimizer like Balance 7+.

Its action: with the help of lint free applicators, get rid of all traces of sebum, perspiration or even small dust delicately stuck on the application area, namely: lashes and/or eyebrows.

But that’s not all. Its name comes directly from its most important action: the rebalancing of the skin’s PH. Indeed, equivalent to the number 7, it works on the hair, the lash or the eyebrow which will allow an impeccable result.

On the eyelashes, the use of the Balance 7+ will allow an optimized adhesion for the eyelash extensions glue. In other words, the glue will be able to surround the eyelash with its extension more efficiently and thus last much longer. The eyelash extension will attach more easily, without any impurities and thanks to an adhesive placed on a perfectly neutral surface.

On the eyebrows, the skin as well as the hair will be degreased. Washed of all types of traces invisible to the naked eye, it is again particularly important to ensure that the surface does not contain any substance that here clearly would be slippery for all products applied. An eyebrow tint would hold much less well or not at all as if a film would be fixed and would prevent its adhesion.

As you can see, this type of product, the “primer” for eye services, is essential and will not replace a makeup remover but will complement it perfectly.

Since always at the heart of our protocol, Misencil now unveils its new exclusive formula of this product now called: the Balance 7+:

– 99% of ingredients of natural origin, its composition is composed of fruit stem cells including our now famous malus domestica which is an apple mainly from Switzerland.

– With a formula as soft as ever and in the form of a gel, this VEGAN product will be easy to apply thanks to a new pump avoiding any waste.

– Finally, for more ecology, the bottle is made of recyclable PET material and the label has been completely revised to remove the cardboard box that previously contained it.

The result: a product that is more respectful of nature, more respectful of the eyes and that keeps its promises with even more spectacular results!

Find it here!

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