How Long Does an Eyelash Extensions Application Last?

25 July 2019

Eyelash extensions are the ideal means to have a glamorous look as soon as you wake up. Save time in the morning and forget about your mascara and eyelash curler, which requires some learning time.

We have the answer to the question that is probably on your lips: How long does an eyelash extensions application last?

The Average Lifespan of an Application is Fairly Long

Typically, the eyelash extensions will last for three to four weeks, which is profitable considering that the average cost of such an application ranges from $80 to $200.

Just like any hair, eyelashes have a life cycle. You must know that the eyelashes’ lifespan will vary according to skin and hairiness type, age, lifestyle, as well as makeup and makeup removing routines. That explains why a touch-up is to be considered three to four weeks after the appointment.

However, periods of time between touch-ups are very variable. This is due to the way you take care of your extensions, the choice of the beauty salon and the technician. Don’t be shy to ask your technician what are the steps to take good care of your eyelash extensions.

To Help You Out, Here Are Our Tips to Take Good Care of Your Extensions

First, know that eyelash extensions are not designed to be used with makeup. Why? In most beauty products, ingredients are not compatible with eyelash extensions. If you still wish to apply mascara, be sure to use one that is compatible with eyelash extensions.

However, be aware that:

  • The result will not look natural;
  • Moreover, this will affect your eyelash extensions’ lifespan.

Seek advice from your technician—she will recommend the best products to suit your eyelash extensions. In contrast, cleaning your eyelash extensions daily is highly recommended. Start cleaning with an extensions-compatible makeup remover or cleansing water and finish with a shampoo to deeply remove impurities. Once your eyelash extensions are dry, use a silicon or nylon-based mascara brush to perfectly divide your eyelash extensions.

Those steps are essential in order to maintain your eyelash extensions longer.

Also, you must be careful with water vapor. Steam rooms, saunas and spas are not recommended because the vapor and high humidity rate damages the glue bond of your eyelash extensions. Your eyelash extensions may detach prematurely.

Now that you have all the information about the lifespan of eyelash extensions, you are ready for your glamorous look.