Ambassador Program

Misencil Ambassador Program

The Project
Allow you to continue making money DURING the confinement!

The Context
Your customers want to continue using Misencil® products, already two months of confinement, they must already be short of their favorite products! Due to social distancing, we want to help you.


  • Get your unique promo code by emailing :
  • Post it, continue promoting Misencil products, show your routines, share our photos from our social networks …
  • Your client applies your promo code in her cart on our online store when processing an order.
  • You will automatically receive 30% of its purchase amount with Misencil® products (or 20% of its amount in money, you will choose as soon as confinement ends) !

The little extra that makes a big difference!
Free delivery + 30% off on our online store + 1 surprise added to their order for those who use your promo code.


Get started, communicate, go for it on your social media, keep in touch with your customers, spoil them and you will come back stronger!

Upon request only, your total sales will be provided only once a month at th end of it. An email must be sent requesting it at :