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Master the art of eyelash extension by learning the basics of the safest application technique on the market with absolutely no damage to natural lashes and eyes.

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Notice about COVID-19

Misencil family update
May 2020
 We have been confined for almost 2 months and we want to give you some updates! 😊
Our entire team, in France and in Canada, is in good health and remains well confined, in order not to encourage the spread of COVID-19.
We work every day to facilitate communication with you during this difficult time. We have therefore launched a Chat on our website which will make it easier for you to reach us. By the way, if you have any questions, don’t call the office because we are closed. Ideally, send us an email to the following email address:
You are used to receiving promotional newsletters at the beginning of the month, but as you have noticed, we have an exceptional offer given the exceptional situation in order to make things easier for you in these difficult times. We therefore offer you 30% Off + free delivery *. Orders must be made online on our website and they are shipped at the beginning of every week.
New: Ambassador Program – to allow you to continue making money DURING confinement! No need to worry about product inventory nor shipping, we take care of it for you. Your customers want to continue using Misencil® products, after two months of confinement, they must already be short of their favorite products. How it works ? You will get a unique promo code that you can give to your customers and when they buy from our online shop she will apply your code in the cart and she will receive a surprise gift! You will automatically receive 30% commission *! 😱 Interested and want to find out more?  Contact Brigitte at:
Do not hesitate to join us on the Facebook Group 1 day / 1 course which supports the whole community of our industry, so as not to give up anything, to continue to learn, to discover new things and to share ONLY positivity 😁
Don’t miss the Facebook LIVE every Tuesday with our Co-founder Ingrid with a special guest!
Together, we will get through this!
Jean-Jacques, Ingrid & the Misencil® family