Ultra Nanomist

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The Misencil ULTRA NANOMIST is an ionic device with a USB charger producing an ultra fine mist that plumps and refreshes the skin. Its moisturizing and conditioning formula optimizes the polymerization process of the eyelash extensions glue, extends the life span of the eyelash extensions and clears vapors of the adhesive. This treatment is recommended after each eyelash extensions application.

Thanks to its high vibration technology (140,000 vibrations per second), the Misencil ULTRA NANOMIST produces an ultrafine ion-filled mist that penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines. As the particles produced have a diameter smaller than those from a regular spray, the pores of the skin e_ectively absorbs the liquid instead of evaporating, even reaching the final layer of the epidermis (stratum basale). The skin is healthier, younger and appears moisturized. The Misencil ULTRA NANOMIST can be used to secure all makeup looks to achieve a healthy glow.

To purchase this product, you must have an eyelash extensions professionnal account. You can request one here.
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1. Charging

Plugging one end of USB cable into USB jack of ULTRA NANOMIST, the other end of the USB cable is connected to the USB port of a computer or any other digital devices with USB port. The device takes about 2 hours for full charge. The ULTRA NANOMIST can also be charged from a mobile phone.

2. Adding water

Twist the liquid storage tank upside down (as shown in the above figure on the right), add water into the storage tank, twist it back the same way (as shown in the above figure on the left).

3. Mist Spray

Move the slide power switch downward to start to spray, while the indicator light is turned on, spraying in 15 cm far away from the face and without any time limit.

4. Charging method

Prior to the first use, fully charge the device. Connect it to the charger or computer, LED light is red while charging; LED light is green when full charged; LED light is blue while mist spraying; purple LED light indicates charging and mist spraying at the same time.


1. Clean the machine after each use, and prevent oil dirt and fouling from sediment. Clean the surface with a soft cloth, then let it dry.

2. Do not use essential oil, gas or any other corrosive detergents to clean the plastic.

3. Keep out of high temperature and wet environments, to avoid some bad e_ects on the device.

4. In between uses, please clean the liquid storage tank and place it in a cool and dry place.


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