Black Eyelash Extensions – Mishka+ Tray

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Want to offer your customers a eyelash set worthy of the latest trends?

MISHKA+ eyelash extensions by Misencil, gives you the opportunity to create the best looks either Russian Volume or Mega Volume. The newest version of MISHKA eyelash extensions allows you to obtain a bigger and more sophisticated result much faster.

🚧  No more ripped strips ! The semi-gloss silk eyelashes rest on a metallic band for a perfect maintenance on your technical plates. In addition, the sticky strips help simplify and accelerate the creation of bouquet.

🎉 MULTI LENGTHS TRAY ! Discover our new tray with multiple lenghts inside.

Available in C or D Curves, MISHKA+ eyelash extensions are THE choice of top technicians aiming for a perfect result!

  • Resistant silk

    Technical high performance polymer, lashes made from this material are soft, strong and have a natural satin gloss. They also maintain better their curvature and their appearance.

  • More powerful sticky tape

    Fan easier to create make for a faster application. Sticky strip to support extensions perfectly designed for an ease in creating fans.

  • Foil strip

    Over the days when the bands tear at the time to remove them from the technical plate! A plate easier to clean and less waste of eyelashes.

  • Numbering of bands

    Facilitating the mapping and the organization through the numbering of bands. Regardless of the section used, there is always a visibility on the curve, the thickness and length of extensions used.


Made of synthetic semi-gloss silk

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C Curve, D Curve




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