Product Quality

Misencil offers refined eyelash extensions, innovative techniques and a complete line of products specially formulated for eyelash extensions that exceed all of the industry standards.

Our products took years of development and laboratory testing, are all registered at Health Canada, the FDA and other government authorities.

Safety comes first at Misencil! All of our cosmetic products go through rigorous testing which are carried out by a third-party independent laboratory specialized in testing: microbiological analysis, ocular and skin irritation tests, stability test and patch test, etc. Everything is controlled and analysed in order to ensure optimal quality at all times.

What about the extensions?

Misencil eyelash extensions offer maximum stability, do not absorb humidity and are heat resistant. Soft, lightweight and water-resistant, they offer infinite possibilities, whether you are looking for a natural, sophisticated or simply glamourous look.

Misencil eyelash extensions are made of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. No oils or chemical products are part of their manufacturing process.

What about the adhesives?

Our glues are cyanoacrylates-based glue, especially formulated for eyelash extensions. They do not contain any harmful ingredients and are manufactured in laboratory facilities in Canada. Choosing Misencil means choosing top quality products for your eyes and peace of mind!