2 April 2018

Thanks to Misencil, spring is here year-round. And with spring comes the warm sun rays and signs of renewal. This is true for tree buds, but did you know it is also true for your eyelashes, eyebrows and skin? Yes! New season, new skin, new Essential Kit (oh no! I’ve let the secret out)!

Scoop! When I arrived at the office this morning, the new Essential Kit was just there, calling out to me. Brand new and beautiful with a stylish makeover, it will definitely be the star of spring-summer fashion shows!

Upon opening it, I could almost feel the spring air filled with the promise of love, and I found (myself bedazzled! but I also found) a Face & Eye Makeup Remover, a lathering lash shampoo made from for apple stem cells, a keratin and panthenol protector that works its magic during the day, and a revitalizer that brings out shine, suppleness, strength and length during the night. And as if this was not enough, I also found two reusable makeup remover macaroons made of soft Polymousse®. This kit is just too good to be true! When my colleagues came in, we can say that I was caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar and wearing a huge smile! 😉

Happy Spring!