1 June 2018

At this time last year, only one thing was on my mind: my graduation ball. My eyes spoke volumes, and anyone could see in them my exhilaration at the idea of completing this important milestone in my life, and to finally hold in my hands this so-hard-earned-degree. But one could also see the exhaustion from so many evenings spent studying. From high school to university, I have in-del-i-ble memories of each ball. However, it must be said that some of the pictures taken also help me remember what the gin and tonics could have made me forget (laugh!). Quick tip: enjoy every moment and bet on eyelash extensions that will hold through sudden moistness, since we can’t rule out that a few tears won’t be shed. Just saying!

Wondering which eyelash application technique is ideal for your morphology and needs? Your Misencil® technician will have the answer for you. And don’t hesitate to ask her if she has completed the Contouring eyelash extension training. Contouring is a new training offered to talented technicians to highlight the eye’s contour and create a personalized and even more stunning result.

At Misencil®, we consider that every woman is different, beautiful and unique, and that each eyelash line deserves the same. Our beauty lies in what we have that is unique, in the depth of our features, our eyes, our look and our intuition. A woman’s beauty lies in what sets her apart and conveys her magnificence, in what makes her exactly … who she is.

Until now, contouring was on everyone’s lips … but it will soon be on everyone’s eyes. The Contouring technique recommended by the Misencil innovation experts offers a new cutting-edge and elegant approach to eyelash extension application. A unique skill to enhance a woman’s beauty by highlighting the unique morphology of her eyes and face a single lash at a time.

By completing this eyelash application course, your technician learns to master a personalized technique, and discovers how to form lash lines by combining different curvatures, lengths and thicknesses a single lash at a time. She learns to enhance the shape of your eyes by considering all its perfect imperfections. This eyelash application training also helps extend her artistic skills to the application of makeup for the eyes and eyebrows, and thus become a true eye artist. Contouring is not just an eyelash extension course. Contouring is the Art, with a capital A, of tracing the eye’s outline, of highlighting all its angles, and of revealing its character.

So for this important event, go all out in terms of eyelash extensions, and ask your technician for the Contouring method. A technique like no other for a moment of your life like no other. And remember: whatever your style, whomever your guest is for this graduation evening, enjoy every moment and, above all, be safe!