How to Start the Year?

9 February 2021

2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty and this has surely made you rethink your business model. Confined or not, a new year often brings hope and renewal. With this in mind, I have counted three points on which to focus in order to move forward in the year with a little more certainty in the face of the year’s uncertainties:

    1 – Diversify your offer

As our business is not considered essential, we are at the mercy of closures of non-essential companies.  On the other hand, the sale of products remains possible. The Misencil® product line not only allows for the maintenance of eyelash extensions, but basically aims to maintain the health and integrity of natural lashes. This is why, whether your clients wear extensions or not, they can benefit from the products. The Serum+ is all the more interesting since it promotes the growth of natural lashes, perfect for a cure during a break period or simply to maintain a strong lash line from one application to the next. Of course, education is necessary with your clients in order to make them understand the relevance of using the products.

Through a website or using your Facebook page, you can enable online transactions to make shopping easier for your customers. If you don’t want to keep an inventory, you could become an Ambassador which allows you to earn a commission on the products purchased by your clients on the Misencil® website. This will allow you to make an income without having to make an investment in an inventory of products and without having to worry about the shipping and handling.

    2 – Build your communication channels

Product education should be done when your customer is with you but it can also be done on your communication platforms such as your website or social networks. Your customers are constantly looking for ways to educate themselves and learn more about what interest or concern them. The health of their eyelashes, their skin and beauty tips are subjects that offer opportunities to talk about maintenance products without pushing a promotion that would be less well received by your customers.

Beyond the product promotion, keeping the link with your customer even when she is not in your institute allows you to stay in her mind. This facilitates referencing which is at the heart of your customer development. Make sure you maintain consistent communication whether it’s once a week or every day, but the key is consistency. Plan your communication calendar for the month in advance to give you time to deal with other aspects of your business on a daily basis.

    3 – Paying yourself and saving

Speaking of planning, don’t neglect to plan your finances. Be sure to divide your income into envelopes that also count one for savings. Whether it’s 1% of each set or of the week’s income, it’s up to you to determine what you can put aside for a rainy day. The important thing is to put a portion of your income aside in order to be able, in difficult times, to provide for your needs or in prosperous times, to reinvest in your projects.

We have no control over the macro environment but we do have control over our microcosm. By taking certain measures, we can lessen the effects of hazards or simply secure the development of your business by creating a solid foundation for your company. No matter what this year brings, remember to take care of yourself, your mental and physical health before the health of your business.