How to remove eyelashes extensions ?

15 October 2018

Like makeup, eyelash extensions reveal beauty by magnifying the look. Placed with great delicacy and technique, they must also be removed with the greatest care, not only to avoid damaging the natural eyelashes, but also, to avoid irritation to the eyelid. In addition to using a professional institute specialized, here are two techniques to know to remove them safely at home.

Remove eyelash extensions with oils

When applying eyelash extensions, oily textures are among the first things that must be avoided. Therefore, to remove the eyelash extensions safely, just turn to the  cosmetics products with oily texture. The method combining different oil-based products is therefore an effective solution. To do this, you will need to:

Begin by removing make-up with a classic make-up remover, preferably soft, to remove all traces of eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. This first step thus makes it possible to see as distinctly as possible the difference between the natural eyelashes of false eyelashes.

Then, pass a cotton soaked in your oil-based cosmetic product over the eyelashes, rubbing gently, until the eyelashes extensions start to slip. It is necessary to finish the process by cleaning your face with your traditional makeup remover to remove any oil residue.

Remove the extensions with the technique of glue solvent also called diluent.

This technique should be applied only by a trained professional in eyelash extensions. The Eyelashes Extensions Adhesive Remover is also a convenient and quick way to safely remove eyelashes extensions. As the name suggests, this product is specifically designed to dissolve the effect of the glue used when laying eyelash extensions. This type of solvent with an odor identical to that of nail polish is now commercially available. To remove the eyelash extensions with this type of solvent, it will obviously be necessary to think of removing all eyes, before applying the product soaked on a cotton swab or mascara-type on the line of the eyelashes. The best is to start the application from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. Let the product sit in place for a few minutes to avoid irritating the eyelid. Then remove the extensions ready to be detached with the help of your professional tweezers by sliding them from the base to the tip. It is important to remove the eyelashes one by one. Avoid touching the skin and making movements too abrupt, which could penetrate the product in the eyes. Do not forget to clean the eye area after the service.

Finally, as a result of this process, the use of a product allowing hydration and giving more strength to the eyelashes is highly recommended. For example, the Revitalisant, like a night cream to be applied every night before bedtime, can deeply nourish the natural eyelash.