Top 5 Aspects to Consider Before Your Eyelash Extension Training

31 October 2019

Have you always wanted to be a self-employed eyelash extension technician? Beauty care is your passion, you are meticulous, you have a good vision and you like new challenges?

Then the eyelash extension technician profession is the perfect job for you! Here is all you need to know before beginning this new adventure.

Write Out a Business Plan

You need to think about your goals mainly at this step. It is important to set goals from the start. What are your expectations? Do you wish to have an additional income, to be a part-time or a full-time worker? Do you want to be self-employed or work as an employee in a beauty salon? The answer to these questions will help you through your following research.

Choosing the Academy

This step is critical as there are many options. Get information about the academy’s reputation, as well as the training’s and products’ quality. Also, make sure you receive an acknowledged certification at the end of your training. The choice of the academy will necessarily influence your credibility, as well as your knowledge and technique.

Because Eyes Are Precious

Sure, training is the foundation of your education, but choosing the right products is as important. Prioritize quality products and products that are designed for eyelash extensions. Make sure products are approved by Health Canada to protect yourself from potential complaints.


Several beauty salons offer eyelash extension training but when choosing the best academy, you must make sure you pick an establishment that is renowned for the quality of its training, trainers and products, and has a good reputation. Those criteria will all have an impact on your knowledge and skills. Remember your starting goal. Prices for basic training will range from $600 to $1,500. Some packages offer a starting kit, which can explain the price difference. These tools will most certainly be useful to start off your career.

Before you begin on this new adventure, it is important to remember that quality comes inevitably before price.

Is It a Good-Paying Job

Of course, the last question you certainly ask yourself before taking a course is: will this be lucrative? Will I gain on my investment? The answer is simple: nothing is perfect. There are always challenges, barriers and conditions.

What you need to do is start right away!

You will become more skilled at each step, you will gain experience and become more confident. Your income will be greater as your success grows!