Izia silk lashes tray – one size

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8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm


Thin 0.10, Thick (medium) 0.15, Very Thick 0.20, Extra Thick 0.25

The lightest lash extensions on the market!

Ultra-light, allows for thicker extensions without damaging the natural lash. Glossy finish.

  • Lightness beyond compare that allows for longer wear and thicker lashes
  • Exceptional shine, natural look
  • Same softness as real eyelashes
  • Improved resistance to heat and humidity
  • Perfectly stable, a beautiful curve that keeps its original shape and never gets flat


Tray of 10 bands of 4 detachable sections

Emphasized curl. Perfect to add up volume and thickness to the lash line. Avoid touching with fingers to prevent oily residues.

Izia silk lashes are made of silky fibers which provide optimum stability, absorb very little moisture and are very resistant to heat. In addition, absolutely no chemical or oil of any kind is used in the production of Izia silk eyelashes, which greatly reduces the risk of skin reaction.