Adapt Adhesive

The new Misencil adhesive is here : Adapt

Thanks to its ultra-fast drying capacity, this adhesive reduces the application time in both conventional and Russian volume methods. The recommended drying time is +/- 1 second per extension.

In addition, the Adapt adhesive’s efficiency is not affected by the differences in moisture, thus maintaining its strong hold performance, even during seasonal changes. It is the only adhesive in the Misencil collection that requires room temperature storage; refrigeration is to be avoided.

Color: Deep black
Approximate drying time: ± 1 second
For expert-level professionals


Clear bottle, 4.75 ml
Sans paraben

Remove cap and insert included needle to properly close the bottle after each use. Keep on work area, do not refrigerate. Avoid exposure to direct light (sun, neon, etc.). Do not expose to heat or moisture.

In order to use this adhesive in the most optimal manner, we strongly recommend consulting the material available through the internet link, as well as the technical instructions and the live demonstrations (on video and by a representative): watch the video

Caution: Bonds skin rapidly. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth and skin. Eyelid bonding: consult a physician. Skin bonding: soak and ease part gently. Keep out of children. Cannot be exposed to heat and humidity.

2-cyanoacrylate d’éthyle, Alkoxy-2-canoacrylate, 2-metoxyethyl 2-cyanoacrylate, Butyl monomer, Noir de carbone, 1.4 dihydroxybenzène