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Misencil élites


Misencil propose le programme Élite à ses techniciennes de talent. Un mentorat exclusif qui apporte à ses techniciennes un statut haut de gamme et d’incomparables privilèges. En faisant partie du programme Élite, une technicienne garantit offrir un service exemplaire à ses clientes en plus d’offrir la gamme complète de produits Misencil.

Esthétique Sherley Grondin

878 Étienne Marchand
Boucherville Quebec, J4B 6S4

Sherley Grodin has been working in aesthetics for almost 15 years. At the beginning of this second career, this talented woman was far from suspecting that the wonderful world of eyelash extensions would seduce her as much! During a visit to the Congress of Esthetics, she met Jean-Jacques Benguigui, President of Misencil. The vertiginous adventure of Misencil begins at this moment. With the growing demand in the area of eyelash extension, this meticulous and talented woman had to drop several aesthetic services to focus on eyelash extensions. Since the beginning of this great adventure, this passionate technician has been training to offer the best service to her loyal clientele. What she likes most is to offer personalized service in a relaxing atmosphere.

Personalized service for Sherley Grodin is taking into account the morphology of the eyes and face of each of her clients and their desires. By offering this kind of service, she is able to offer a look that will illuminate the eyes of her clients.

Her best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: Practice, patience and practice (again) are good assets for an eyelash extension technician.

Awards and recognition

Live eyelash extension competition (Laval) 2016 – 3rd place


Awards and recognitions

Live eyelash extension competition (Laval) 2016 – 3rd place

Anamay Lessard

430 Rue Vachon
Trois-Rivières Quebec, G8T-8Y2

Anamay Lessard is a passionate and meticulous technician who obtained her Misencil eyelash extensions certification in 2015. After high school, she ventured into the domain of aesthetics and obtained her aesthetic professional studies diploma. In order to offer an additional service to her clients, she chooses to complete her Misencil Eyelash Extensions training! Since that day, the eyelash extensions are a true passion for this beauty artist! Taking care for her clients, offering them a moment just for them and giving them the most beautiful eyes are the elements that fascinate her the most. The most important thing for this talented technician is to put each customer in confidence and pamper them. Her perfectionist side makes her a technician very appreciated by her clients.

Her best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: To be able to do this job as long as possible, it is important to listen to your body and not to ask too much of yourself to continue providing a quality service to all your clients. The best advice I can give you is to have the passion for this career!

Awards and recognitions

Victoires du regard 2018 Competition – 10th Canadian Rank

Victoires du regard 2017 Competition – 5th Canadian Rank

Institut Julie Marcil

2367 Rue Doré
Rawdon Quebec, J0K 1S0

Julie Marcil is an experienced and recognized technician who has had her Misencil certification in 2015. At first auxiliary nurse, this determined technician decided to push her passion for eyelash extensions to the maximum and recently set aside her job as an auxiliary nurse to become a full-time eyelash extension technician. Her training as an auxiliary nurse, led her to be very mindful about the hygiene and safety during an eyelash extensions application. What is most important for this talented technician in her work is to offer a full set and that the natural lashes of all her clients are complete at 100%. This perfectionist loves to see all her clients come out with the best possible result at every appointment!


His best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: always to live his passion thoroughly, is better to be happy at work, despite the overload of work when we are on our account! Anything is possible when you want! Competitions are also a good way to surpass yourself!


Awards and recognition

Les Victoires du regard Eyelash extension world championship 2017- 6th Canadian rank (Classic pose)
Les Victoires du regard Eyelash extension world championship 2016 -12th Canadian rank (Classic pose)


86 Boulevard Louis-Philippe Picard
Repentigny Quebec, J5Y 0A9
438-872 3482

Pascale Kingsley is a skilled and passionate eyelash extensions technician who has obtained her Misencil certification in 2017. She doesn’t always work in the beauty industry. At first, she worked in a laboratory as a Civil Engineering, she then changed the job to become a real estate broker. After a car accident, she decided to work as a postman. Then, after a meeting with a childhood friend who applies to her Misencil eyelashes, she chose to make a career in eyelash extension with the luxurious Misencil brand.


What is most important for this talented technician: to educate each of her clients in the respect and beauty of their eyelashes? Lashes are a true teamwork. The more the client takes care of her eyelashes, the more beautiful the lash set will remain.

Her best advice as a Misencil technician and entrepreneur: Believe in yourself, you will attract the clientele that suits you… isn’t it wonderful! Choose yourself, respect yourself, perfect yourself, trust yourself and keep your prices, you are worth it, you are high-end, you are Misencil!
Centre D'Esthétique Le Zénith

455 Boulevard Gréber
Gatineau Quebec, J8T 5T7

Amal Zeriouh is a meticulous and passionate technician who received her Misencil eyelash extension certification in 2013. Translator with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in translation in addition to a certificate in linguistics, this career woman has taught several years at the University. It was during her move to Outaouais that she decided to live her childhood dream and begin her DEP program in Aesthetics. She decides to go into the field of eyelash extensions with Misencil … Decision she never regretted! In 2014, she opened her own beauty salon Centre d’esthétique Le Zénith. What is most important for Amal Zeriouh during eyelash extension applications? Stay true to its brand, grow with its brand it’s also important to secure its customers by choosing the best for them and for you.

Her best advice as a Misencil technician and entrepreneur: If your client chooses you, it is for your reputation and your brand!

Tangles Hair Salon and Spa

45 Gristmill Plaza Road
Holland Landing Ontario, L9N 1M7

Megan Bourne has been doing eyelash extensions since 2014 and with Misencil for the past 3 years. She graduated with her esthetician certificate in 2013 and continued on to complete the Elite eyelash extension technician program with Misencil. Megan has also obtained her Threading and Brazilian certificate.


This esthetician is continuously upgrading her education in order to bring the newest beauty trends to her clients. Megan entered in the World Eyelash Extensions Championships in 2018 and placed 9th in Canada in the classic specialist category. She was also the only person in Ontario to place in the top 10.


Seeing all of her clients with a renewed self-confidence after their lash appointments is what drives Megan. She is calm and gentle individual, which is perfect to keep her clients relaxed, comfortable and confident in her abilities. Megan always customizes each set of lashes to suit her client’s eyes and style preference. At Tangles we guarantee all our clients leave 100% satisfied with their new lashes.


The most important piece of advice she would give to aspiring lash technicians would be to focus on the needs of the client and do whatever it takes to make them as happy giving them lots of options and home care to have the best results possible.

Studio Bella Esthétique Inc.

3229 Chemin des Quatres-Bourgeois
Québec Québec, G1W 0C1

Stéphanie Tremblay, an entrepreneur and esthetician for over 10 years, has decided to take her knowledge to the next level by learning all about eyelash extensions in 2009. It’s after getting her eyelash certificate at the Misencil Academy that she founded in 2013 Studio Bella Esthétique, a salon specialized in beauty care.

President of this fast-growing company, Stéphanie Tremblay stands out for her professionalism and her desire to exclusively offer quality services. She gives great importance to her team members and offers them all the necessary tools to perfect themselves. Indeed, this Elite technician Elite gives a particular importance to improvement workshops, to continuous training and advocates a long-term professional advancement.

In addition to being a role model to her team, this experienced technician stands out from the competition, particularly with her advanced eyelash techniques. In addition, his main priorities are the respect of natural eyelashes, the health and safety of the eyes as well as the satisfaction of his loyal customers.

Also, her main priorities are the respect of natural eyelashes, the health and safety of the eyes as well as the satisfaction of her loyal customers. Stay tuned on her social networks, as this young entrepreneur sees more than one project for the growth of her company!

P.S. Beauté

701 Rue Labelle
Mont-Tremblant Quebec, J8E 3H2

Stéphanie Perrier has been working in the beauty and aesthetics field for over eight years. Following her training at Misencil in December 2011, Stéphanie gradually gained visibility and an established a loyal clientele. Today, she welcomes about 70 eyelash clients at her salon. The most important thing for this technician is to offer a relaxing area to her clients, a safe working method and give her clients the satisfaction that they deserve as they walk out with their new look.

Stéphanie advises anyone who wants to wish to become an eyelash extensions technician to be patient, attentive to the needs of their clientele and to choose a renowned training center, offering safe and high-quality products, such as the range of Misencil products.

Rose et Rebelle

4715 des Replats L-247
Quebec Quebec, G2J 1B8

Rashel Dégarie is a passionate and meticulous technician who does lash since 2011. She obtained her Misencil eyelash extensions certification in 2016. After working in various fields (food, health, etc.) and having studied psychology at university, this determined woman decides to embark on the eyelash extension adventure. She had a revelation for this career after receiving an eyelash extensions application from her cousin. She later worked in several salons, at home and then created Rose et Rebelle beauty salon in 2015. What is she the most passionate about her job? The fact that she can enhance the look of her clients and help them feel beautiful! The impact that can have eyelashes is always impressive! What is essential for this experienced technician when applying eyelash extension is the health and safety of her client’s eyes in addition to respecting their natural lashes.

Her best advice as a Misencil technician and entrepreneur: If you embark on this adventure, do it well! Respect your customers’ eyes and eyelashes. There are a lot of technicians on the market, stand out by offering a high-quality service.

Boutique Misencil

2993 boulevard de la Pinière
Terrebonne Québec, J6X 4V5
Esthetik Mtl

2400 Rue Du Centre
Montréal Québec, H3K 1J8
(438) 498-5943

Kelly Plante is a talented and passionate technician who has been working in the eyelash extensions industry for 6 years. Three years ago, she gets her Misencil Certification and quickly followed all the other training offered by the brand. She also became a Canadian trainer for Misencil. In addition to the Misencil certification, this businesswoman has more than a dozen specializations in different fields (Business Administration, microdermabrasion, Biotek permanent makeup, etc.) She is passionate about her career and what she likes the most is to enhance each and every woman natural beauty while offering them a higher level of expertise (including the quality of the pose, hygiene and safety).

What is most important for this talented artist is to go beyond her professional limits and have the opportunity to enhance the beauty of her clients while giving them a boost of confidence, both physically and mentally.

Her best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: Practice makes perfection. Be persevering and be determined, if it were easy, everyone would do it!

Institut M tes Cils

47 Avenue Giroux
Laval Quebec, H7N 3H1

Martine Raymond is a meticulous and refined technician who obtained her Misencil eyelash extensions certification in 2017. After choosing to leave school to be with her children, she chose to start a housekeeping business. After an inspiring meeting, she decides to follow her new passion and realize her dream: open her own beauty salon! M tes cils are born of this passion for the world of beauty! Her true passion : every day she can exploit her artistic side and create unique looks that highlight the beauty of her clients! According to Martine Raymond, offering irreproachable service with the best possible method is essential for her. With Misencil products and technology, she is sure to offer this kind of service.

Her best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: If you decide to dive into the adventure, do it the right way! You work very close to the eyes, so it is important to focus on quality and not quantity. Misencil is here to give you the best training as well as top quality and safe products for the eyes.

Absolu Féminin - Martine Brais

124 Rue St-Jean-Baptiste
Beloeil Quebec, J3G 2V4

Martine Brais, co-owner of Absolu Féminin beauty salon, is an experienced and recognized technician who obtained her Misencil certification in 2012. At first manicurist, pedicurist and trainer for OPI, this exceptional technician develops a true passion for eyelash extensions after her training with Misencil. At this moment, she decides to devote herself only to this new passion and improves over the years. The most important thing for her is to respect the health of the natural eyelash, to educate clients about home care and, above all, the natural effect that a set can offer to their clients. Indeed, when people are unable to distinguish whether it is natural eyelashes or eyelash extensions, she considers the work well done! Playing with the different curvatures and lengths of eyelash extensions to obtain different results is a real passion for Martine Brais. However, what she likes the most is to see the transformation achieved after a lash application.

Her best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: Be patient and persevering! The speed comes gradually with each eyelash application. Choose a quiet place during your lash application to offer a moment of relaxation to your clients. Stay on top of the latest trends and look to improve!

Awards and recognition

Victoires du regard Competition 2018 – 6th Canadian Rank (Fantasy category)

Victoires du regard Competition 2018 – 5th Canadian Rank (Classic category)

Victoires du regard Competition 2017 – 2nd place Canadian (Classic category)

Institut Charlaine Beauclair

420, De La Mennais
Louiseville Quebec, J5V 3B3

Charlaine Beauclair is a meticulous and experienced technician who obtained her certification in Misencil Eyelash Extensions in 2010. Esthetician since 1995, this passionate businesswoman created her own institute in 2000 and acquired an administrative technique in 2006. In addition to having completed all the Misencil eyelash extension courses, she also does a Biotek permanent makeup training in 2013. Sublimating the look and femininity of her clients is the elements that passionate her the most about her career. What is most important for Charlaine Beauclair during an eyelash extension application? To respect the style of each client and to offer them look that fits with their image. It is also essential for this recognized technician to offer a look that respects the natural eyelashes.

Her best advice as a technician Misencil and entrepreneur: Patience, perseverance, love of work well done … It is necessary to have all these qualities to reach high levels as a technician. The learning stages cannot be skipped.

Awards and recognition

Victoires du regard Competition 2016 – 3rd place worldwide (Fantasy Category)

Esthétique Privilège Beauté

49 10e Rue Sud
Thetford-Mines Quebec, G6G 7X6

Aesthetician for over 10 years, Vanessa Martin Roy is the proud owner of the Esthétique Privilege Beauté beauty salon since 2007. She received her certification in classic eyelash extensions in November 2016. Passionate about the art of eyelash extensions, she decided to push her knowledge at a higher level by following all the trainings offered by Misencil. Today, she is now one of the proud ambassadors of Misencil and is part of the Elite program.

In addition to her specialization in eyelash extensions, Vanessa offers several other aesthetic services such as facials, micro dermabrasion, thermo coagulation and spray tan. What is important thing for this technician when laying eyelash extensions is the health and safety of her client’s eyes, in addition to respecting the natural lashes of each of them. Above all, she wishes that all her clients feel beautiful and confident with their new lashes.

Osborne Bar à Cils

383 Rue Notre Dame
Gatineau Quebec, J8P 1L6
Salon De Beauté Lemon Pearl

225 Rue St-Pie X
Paspébiac Quebec, G0C 2K0

Vanessa Tremblay is a passionate and meticulous technician who obtained her Misencil eyelash extensions certification in the spring of 2018. At first esthetician, she left this domain in 2011 to join a management team in the retail. After more than 6 years in this domain, she decides to return to her first passion, aesthetics and starts her company where she offers manicure and eyelash extension. Her passion for this career? The challenge of surpassing herself and have a profession in constant evolution. What is most important according to this incredible technician is to pay particular attention to the needs of her clients while maintaining the integrity of natural eyelashes. Education and promoting natural eyelash is also really important to Vanessa Tremblay.

Her best advice as a Misencil technician and entrepreneur: Start by defining yourself as a technician! Be honest with your clients, but also with yourself. Don’t be afraid to invest yourself, always try to outdo yourself and be competitive with yourself! Dedication, passion and practice are three keywords to never forgot in this business.

Salon Armani - Cindy Gamble

573, Grand Boulevard
Ile Perrot Québec, J7V 4X4
Centre Phanères

100 Rue Grenier # 1
Charlemagne Quebec, J5Z 4C6

Ève Cournoyer Ducharme is an experienced technician who obtain her Misencil certification in 2008. Coming from a family of self-employed workers, this businesswoman has always wanted to follow that path. She first start in the nail industry at the same time of studying at the University. Seeing her clientele increasing, she decides to create her aesthetics company (Centre Phanères) with her sister and her mother. In 2008, she met the Misencil team and decided to learn a new technique: the eyelash extension application with Misencil. In only 10 years, this woman has become the Centre Phanères owner, moved to a local four times bigger, has about ten employees and has never stopped to improve and push his professional limits. Sublimate the look of her clients and bring out their natural beauty is a real passion for her. What is most important when applying eyelash extensions according to this renowned technician? The quality! Always advise your clients on the choice of lash extensions according to their natural lashes, their morphology and inform them about the maintenance of eyelash extensions.

Her best advice as a Misencil technician and entrepreneur: Be refined. Clients are not only looking for longer and thicker eyelashes, there are also those looking for distinction, quality and, above all, professionalism. At Misencil you will be well guided!

Awards and recognition

Victory of the Eye Competition 2018 – 8th Canadian Rank (Fancy Category)

Studio J - Myriam Alem

153 bélanger
St-Jérome Quebec, J5L 1E1
Au Premier

5487 Avenue Monkland
Montréal Quebec, H4A 1C6

Mélodie Jessica Nareau is a talented and skilled technician who has received her Misencil eyelash extension certification in 2015. After a few years as Manicurist and Pédicuriste, this businesswoman chose to take up a new challenge and embark on eyelash extension adventure with market leaders: Misencil. What she enjoys most about her job is to see the before/after transformation of each of her clients as well as their reaction when they see themselves in the mirror. What is most important for Mélodie Jessica Nareau when applying eyelash extension is to listen to her clients in order to offer them the desired result. It’s also important to choose the right eyelash extensions to not damage the natural eyelashes of the clients.

Her best advice as a Misencil technician and entrepreneur: Be persistent, don’t discourage yourself in the beginnings of your career and practice as much as possible! It is by practicing you will achieve excellence.

Au grain d'beauté

215 Rue Notre-Dame, suite 101
Repentigny Québec, J6A 2R4

Aesthetician for 15 years, Nancy Martel has multiple certifications in electrolysis, manicures, semi-permanent makeup and a diploma in hair micro-pigmentation. What fascinates her the most about her job is the creative aspect, since each eye is unique, which allows her to practice her meticulousness while continually improving herself. The most important thing for Nancy is above all the well-being and satisfaction of her customers, as well as offering an environment that meets the hygienic standards of the industry.

This technician advises those who wish to become a lash artist is to take the time to do things right, since it is essential in this business to have satisfied and loyal customers then to have clients who do not return to the salon.

Awards and recognition:

Participant at the first edition of Les Victoires du Regard.