Tips for Getting Rested Eyes After the Holidays

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Everyone makes or breaks (ha-ha!) New Year’s resolutions in January, the month of spinning tires, merchandise returns and evenings spent watching Netflix.  January is also the month when you can take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries because it’s too darn cold outside to do anything else… Here are some tips to pamper yourself and your eyes.


As you begin the New Year, focus on your eyes.  After all, they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  As a first step, pamper your eyes before going to bed.  Skin regenerates overnight, and there is nothing better than sleep to brighten up those post-holiday eyes.  Our favourite tip can be summed up in just four words:  Expression Eye Contour Gel.  Apply it every day, morning and night.   It’s the only eye contour product that is 100% compatible with eyelash extensions, and contains natural active ingredients such as aloe and apple fruit cell extract that improve skin cell renewal, help to eliminate dark circles and redness, lift eyelids and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  When we told you this was THE secret…


Since we’re sharing secrets, you should know that Misencil Expression Eye Contour Gel comes with an Expression Enhancer, an applicator that gently massages the skin around the eye with the action of micro-vibrations (140/second) while applying eye contour gel for optimal moisturizing.


Anti-aging Expression Duo, $52.00


Tip No. 2.   A huge favourite:  Anti-wrinkle Eye Treatment Patches.  These fresh and soothing anti-wrinkle patches will instantly moisturize your skin.  They’re like an in-home spa treatment!   Apply them for a few minutes before an important evening and hello, gorgeous!


Misencil Express Anti-wrinkle Treatment (box of 4 pairs), $23.00


Tip No. 3.  Always remove all make-up.  Go for a product designed specifically for eyes in order to thoroughly remove all traces of mascara and eye pencil.  Your eyes will thank you in the morning.  Misencil Face and Eye Make-up Remover removes make-up like a pro, and fortifies and nourishes eyelashes, too.  Apply some remover to your face in circular motions (and along the lash line), to leave skin feeling super fresh and clean!


Misencil Face & Eye Make-up Remover, $33.00


With these three divine products in your beauty arsenal, your eyes will look healthy and bright.


Enjoy January!