Spring Cleaning !

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Welcome Spring ! Time to clean up and go green !

That’s the moment Misencil chose to release its new innovation, new member of the Pomodermie family : the Lash Shampoo. A foam formula for maintained lashes and extensions that last longer.


A Lash Shampoo, what for ?

The one and only way for eyelash extensions that last longer : healthy lashes ! This is precisely the reason why our research and developement team adds a new step to our beauty ritual with the all new Lash Shampoo.

Step 1 : Makeup removal with, as its name implies, the makeup remover. It cleans face & eyes surface layers of makeup. Its apple cell culture extracts and peptides promote faster skin cell renewal & helps fortify existing lashes.

Step 2 : we get right to the heart of the matter with the Lash Shampoo. Inseparable duet with the makeup remover, it helps removing impurities from the lash base to the tip and removes any residue.

Dear technicians, let’s work on a good base with perfectly clean lashes !

Dear lash extensions lovers, deeply clean your extensions and keep them up to one more week.


How do we use this lash Shampoo ?

The lash Shampoo kit contains eveything you need. It includes the coveted Shampoo, a brush and its brush cleaner.

First, apply a small amout of foam on the eyelids. Using the brush, make circular motions on the eyelid at the lashes base, and on the lashes themselves to remove any residue.

Once your lashes and eyelids are perfectly clean, rinse with water & you’ll get clean lashes with a nice apple smell.

As for the brush cleaner, it’s the perfect tool to clean, maintain and reshape your brush.

Dear technicians, this new essential is a step that will insure you higher hygiene during your eyelash extensions services. You will make sure that you work on perfectly clean lashes and thus favor a perfect adherence and lasting time for your client. Add this step to your eyelash extensions service just before applying Misencil Balance 7.