Seasonal allergies and lash extensions: is it a good mix?

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Summer is finally showing up! For most, it means sunny and beautiful weather is at our doorstep, but for some, it also means hello to the seasonal allergies. The numbers of Canadians affected with seasonal allergies, including hay fever, keeps increasing each year. If you have lash extensions, continue reading!

Before your lash extensions application
Please tell your technician you suffer from seasonal allergies and mention your symptoms. This will allow her to advise you properly and maintain your lash extensions beautiful.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Symptom #1: Itchy, burning eyes

Despite the strong temptation, do not rub your eyes. The increased friction may not only take off or entangle the extensions, but could damage your natural lashes.

Solution: Expression Gel eye contour

Use our gel eye contour, 100% compatible with Misencil lash extensions, morning and night. In addition to significantly reduce the irritation and inflammation of your eyes, this gel also give you a rejuvenating effect for a much brighter look.

Tip: In order to avoid damaging your extensions while sleeping, use a soft polyester or satin sleeping mask.

Symptom #2: Watery eyes

Even if Misencil lash extensions are designed to resist to water, perspiration and tears, excessively watery eyes can alter the efficiency of the glue.

Solution: Tell your technician

Your technician will make sure to wipe the tears from your eyes and raise your upper eyelid’s lashes so they are not soaked in water.

Interesting fact
During the period of seasonal allergies, many women have reactions to make-up around the eyes.

Solution: Misencil lash extensions