Russian Volume: Everyone’s Favourite!

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The Russian Volume is definitely THE thing you want try if you are looking to enhance your eyelashes. This eyelash extension technique is the most  popular right now!


According to Salon Symbiose‘s owners Geneviève Dubois and Crystel Dusablon, the lightness, softness, volume and dark appearance of the eyelashes explain this success.

Besides hairdressing, their La Plaine’s salon offer a variety of services, such as eyelash extension. Geneviève and Crystel have owned Salon Symbiose for 9 years, and they’ve never seen that much craze around an eyelash extension technique.


Offered for less than a year exclusively by Misencil, the Russian Volume dethrones the 2D and 3D that have been the trend lately. This revolutionary technique provides a result that lasts much longer. Moreover, unlike both the 2D and 3D on the market, the Russian Volume is totally safe for your natural eyelashes. The result is beautiful and really confortable!

Whether you have sparse eyelashes or are simply looking for a more intense look, the Russian Volume is for you!

Book an appointment right now with the Salon Symbiose‘s technicians or with any Misencil certified technician!

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