Look beautiful, even with a cold

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We know we’re not the only ones who just can’t wait for winter to end.  The facial tissues and Benylin bottles strewn about offices are proof of that.  It’s as though every self-respecting winter has to end with a big bad cold.  Today’s subject is colds and how to look pretty, even with a little red nose.


Issue No.1:  Puffy Eyes

Eyes don’t lie.  They’re the first to cry out for help when you’re feeling under the weather.  To reduce puffiness:  apply cold compresses to your eyes and then eye contour gel. And before you head out for that little outing that you just couldn’t bring yourself to cancel, apply a bit of mascara to “wake up” your eyes.


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Issue No. 2:  Dull-looking Skin

Next up, dull-looking skin.  Do you have the impression that your face looks… pale?  That’s a sure sign that you need to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  And when it comes to make-up, use a light hand and go for light colours.  All you need is a little bit of skin-toned face powder and a touch of pink blush on your cheeks!

fillette baille


Issue No.3:  Chapped Lips

Is there anything more unpleasant than cracked lips?  Probably.  But cracked lips are unpleasant all the same!  Become best friends with your lip balm and apply it liberally. Ideally, exfoliate your lips every now and then to remove dead skin and stimulate cell renewal.

lèvres germées

And, like your mother told you, there’s nothing better than a hot bath to help soothe the sniffles!


Get well soon!