Le Sérum+: Misencil is launching a global innovation

Posted by Elissa Category: Blog

These are exciting times for everyone at Misencil.  Why, you ask?  Because we’re finally launching a much-anticipated global innovation. Drumroll please, ladies…


We’re bursting with pride as we introduce our latest product:  the long-awaited SÉRUM+.


We’re excited to the max and you’ll soon see why.  New SÉRUM+ does for eyes what lip balm does for lips:  it’s a no-brainer.


SÉRUM+ will give you more eyelashes and eyebrows that are 3 times fuller. Say hello to incredibly lush lashes and eyebrows.  Say hello to more beautifully framed, alluring eyes.


The brand-new patented REDENSYL® complex is like a magic potion, stimulating your eyelash and eyebrow follicles, prolonging their growth phase and delaying eyelash and eyebrow hair loss. What heavenly words. A dream!


Its dual applicator is the cherry on the sundae:  a foam applicator tip to coat each eyebrow hair and a brush applicator tip to coat each eyelash.  This dual applicator is to serum what Bonnie was to Clyde, what fleur de sel is to caramel, and what Rachel was to Ross (a nod to Friends fans).  Get it?


Lashes up to 3 times fuller in just 15 days.  It’s enough to move you! Now you see why we’re sooo excited.


As Misencil puts it so well, SÉRUM+ is…

+ lashes

+ eyebrows

+ of you!


Enjoy using SÉRUM+!



*Note that SÉRUM+ is compatible with lash extensions and natural lashes.