How To Get Longer Lashes?

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One of the most frequently asked question we hear is how to get longer lashes.
Here are a few tips and beauty products that will accelerate your natural lashes’ growth.




The Elixir, which is also the winner of the H. Pierantoni Innovation Award 2013 in Paris, is an effective way to have longer eyelashes quickly. This formula, exclusive to Misencil, can be applied to the eyelashes (and the eyebrows!) to stimulate their growth. Eyelashes up to 3X larger in 15 days. The Elixir contains a blend of powerful peptides, apple stem cells that are known for their regenerating power and B5 provitamins for their strengthening properties.

Apply directly on the skin, at the base of the eyelashes, in the morning under your makeup, or at bedtime.




Soak a cotton pad with a previously cooled-down camomile infusion.

The effects of natural products, however, are a little bit longer to see, but after a few weeks you should see results.




Keratin, the protein that makes up more than 95% of our hair fiber, is also a great way to boost the growth of our eyelashes. This protein is known for its restorative and fortifying properties.

You will find this nutrient in chicken, fish, eggs and rice.



Products that are high in vitamin C strengthen the eyelashes.

Eat food containing vitamin C like oranges, kiwis, papaya, strawberries, lemon and melon.




Another point that should never be forgotten: your makeup removal routine! The growth of your eyelashes starts with good hygiene. Therefore, it is important to remember to remove your makeup every day. By leaving mascara on, the eyelashes tend to dry up and fall prematurely. It is essential to use a moisturizing makeup remover. The Misencil Makeup Remover cleans, strengthens and hydrates your eyelashes.

To prevent your eyelashes from breaking, remove your makeup gently with your fingertips, with a small amount of makeup remover.




Your diet also plays a big role on your eyelashes growth. Fats are known to slow down the growth process.

Opt for a healthy diet!


Duo Protecteur Revitalisant_Boîte et tubes

The Conditioner moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the lashes, while the Protector veil eyelashes against moisture and impurities. A must for stronger and longer lashes!

Apply a layer of Protector each morning, from root to tip. Conditioner can be used every night before bedtime.