Halloween Make-up Ideas

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It’s that time of year when green leaves give way to shades of red, orange and gold;  the scent of pumpkin lattes wafts through Starbucks cafés;  and the chilly mornings of late have made you regret not popping on a pair of socks.  Clearly, it’s Halloween!

Pulling off the perfect Halloween look that’s nice, but not too nice, may instill fear, if you know what we mean!   Our easy Halloween eye and face make-up ideas will put those fears to rest.

1. Make-up Masquerade Mask

Le masque



Misencil Precision Eyeliner, $19,00

It’s time for all those masked balls.  Why not ditch that awkward masquerade mask and paint one on your face instead?  That way, you’ll be able to hold a glass of wine or two!  Get the look:  Start by drawing an outline of the mask with a black eyeliner, like Misencil’s super long-wear Precision eyeliner, and then fill in the lines.  Set your look with black face powder or a hint of loose face powder.

2. Manga Doll



Mascara Rétro

 Misencil Retro Mascara, $24.00

This Japanese manga doll look is over-the-top sweet.  Get the look:  Exaggerate!  Using Misencil’s long-lasting Precision eyeliner, draw bold lines around the eyes to make them look larger.  Amplify lashes with an intense mascara.  We recommend Misencil’s Retro Mascara for that perfect “doll-eye” effect.  Finish with super-pouty doll lips and outrageously pink cheekbones


Le chat



Misencil STAR Mascara, $24.00

Feline make-up is a great last-minute choice.

Get the look:

Apply eyeliner to upper lid, ending in a “wing”.  Then apply a jet-black mascara, like Misencil’s STAR Mascara with “3D volume” effect.  Finally, apply black eyeliner to the tip of the nose and top lip and connect with a vertical line.  To finish, add a few black dots for whiskers. Have some fun!  Make any of these make-up looks spook-tacular in a snap.  Simply add a blood run or two to create a demonic rag doll, macabre mask or rabies-infected cat. Going for a more whimsical look?  Use the same technique and go all-out with Glitter.


Misencil Glitter, $24.00

Happy Halloween!  Moo-ha-ha-ha!