DuoEyeliner winner of the Clin d’Oeil Fashion & Beauty Award

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The DuoEyeliner wins the Prix Mode & Beauté ! This prize is awarded to the best products of 2014 and voted by 6 members of the jury of the beauty industry like hosts Virginie Coosa and actress Bianca Gervais. What did they have to say about our DuoEyeliner?

« Why would a woman be happy with just one eyeliner when you can get two? The first one is a great classic, a precise felt tip perfect for steady lines; the second, with its triple tip, allows for a little bit more fantasy (yes, we’re already thinking of you on New Year’s Eve!). Long wear and fast drying: we love it! »



This is the second award for our DuoEyeliner, after already winning the H. Pierantoni Innovation Award in Paris last April.   Thank you Clin d’oeil!