DIY: Long lashes T-Shirt

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Our team loves Clo by Clau‘s DIY T-Shirt! The Mexican blogger’s creation was even featured in In Style Mexico.

To create your own T-Shirt, you will need the following material :
-White T-Shirt
-Masking tape
-Black fabric paint
-Sponge brush

Steps :
1. Draw the desired lashes shape on a piece of cardboard, and cut the inside of the shape to create a stencil.
2. Put a thick cardboard inside to make sure the black paint does not stain the back of your T-Shirt.
3. Using the masking tape, place the lashes stencil on the T-Shirt.
4. Paint with the sponge brush, let it dry, remove the stencil and it’s ready!

Now, the only thing left to do is to snap a selfie with your new T-Shirt! Make sure you tag @Misencil on your post.