Coachella 2017, glitter and colors

Posted by Elissa Category: Blog

I’ve just come back from a brief but festive stay in California. My mission? Uncover the latest make-up trends at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival*.

*Caution: You could be temporarily blinded by the glare in these pics.

  1. Glitter, glitter everywhere

As I ambled about under the searing desert sun, I wondered if I was being blinded by the sun or the reflections from all the glitter. I quickly realized that glitter is no longer just for holiday parties. Guys and gals had beglittered chests, shoulders and hair, and seemed partial to dusting glitter around their eyes and eyebrows and on the tops of their cheekbones. It made me think about my colleagues back at Misencil and their pretty, colourful glitter.

  1. Vibrant Lips

Flaming red lips pale in comparison to the purple, blue and green lips I spotted at the stages.

  1. Jewelled Brows

And eyebrows? Unlike pretty much everything else, eyebrows stood up well against the 35-degree Celsius heat. The beauties at Coachella had lots of fun with their bejewelled thick eyebrows. I found the look so enchanting that I sported it for the rest of the festival.

Happy festival season!


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