It’s Christmas because there’s glitter everywhere

Posted by Elissa Category: Blog

Santa Claus must have read my blog on holiday gift sets because a fine gift landed on my desk this week. A Holiday Makeup Gift Set, just for me, just like that, just a few days early. And you know what? I wasn’t even that nice this year (giggles).


I tried out the gift set last night (yes, I know, my first Christmas party already). Here’s how I glammed up my usual makeup in two steps for a sparkling holiday look:


  1. I drew a thin line of champagne beige eyeliner just above my smokey eye. I also applied a dot of eyeliner to the inner corner of my eyes for a super luminous effect.
  2. I applied Lux mascara for a dramatic look.

Back from the party, I cleansed my face with a Misencil macaroon and a drop of Misencil Eye and Face makeup remover. You’ll love this super-soft and super-light macaroon!


Try it for yourself.


Happy holiday makeup!