Beautiful Eyes for Summer

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Summer is finally settling in, and for many, that means holidays are approaching! But summertime usually also means lots of heat and humidity: makeup’s worst enemies! This makes it the perfect time to wear eyelash extensions, because after all, who wants to look like a racoon at the pool or at the beach?

1. Apply the Misencil protector every morning on clean lashes to protect eyelash extensions against uncontrollable external factors (sweat, oily residues in swimming pools, pollution, etc.).

2. Did you know there are oil-free and non greasy sunscreen on the market? Look for them, this small change will help you better maintain your extensions!

3. Wash thoroughly eyes and lashes with the Misencil makeup remover using fingers, no cotton swabs or cleansing pads! It is important to emphasize that this step must absolutely be done, even if the client does not wear makeup. This habit is crucial to maintain a good hygiene for both eyes and eyelashes, and therefore, keep the extensions in place!

4. Gently brush the lashes every morning to fully unravel after a night spent on a pillow.

5. Apply the revitalizer every night before going to bed to properly nourish eyelashes, making them stronger and extend the lifespan of the extensions.


Don’t forget to wait 2 hours (HD and Onyx glue) or 48 hours (Expert glue) prior to putting your extensions in contact with water or touch them.

By following these simple tips, you will not get back home from your trip with half of your lashes missing!