8 ways to reduce cellulite

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Most of us dread to be in public wearing a bathing suit because it reveals cellulite on our belly and legs. Find out what types of products can reduce its appearance.

Where does cellulite come from?
Lack of physical activity and poor diet are the two main factors perceived as the cause of cellulite, followed by pregnancies and stress. But according to women, origins of cellulite vary: it’s above all, linked to food in obese women while women of 45 to 50 years more associate with a period of stress. Read on to learn about the main anti-cellulite products.

1. Traditional
– The elimination of fat most often via caffeine (associated with assets that leverage its action), seaweed, but also derived from cocoa, theophylline, promotes lipolysis.
– Brake storage entails reducing lipogenesis.
– Improved blood circulation relieves congestion, decongests via plant extracts and essential oils.

2. The heated or thermal cryo
– The idea: allowing consumers to perpetuate or to find in them the effects of a thalassotherapy and fitness.
– Products that provide: a cooling effect: effect icicle (eg cracking foams or to refrigerate to use, menthol) or a warm feeling.
– Strong trend in the 80s.

3. The organic trend
– Assets: mainly herbal, many oily textures.
– Examples of assets: green coffee, black tea, cocoa, grapefruit (to fight against water retention).
– Strong trend early 2000. Few laboratories performing under dermatological control effectiveness tests.

4. Slimming sun products
– Concept that emerged in the 2000s in supermarkets and pharmacy
– Innovation that proposes multi-benefit care (eg hydration + anti cellulite, tanning effect (DHA).
– Anecdotal offer today

5. The concepts of performance and technicality
– Cosmetic surgery
– Use of the laser beam on the packs, product names, in color codes
– Topical form, sometimes with tip and massage pimples.
– Clearly entrenched in the performance trend.
– A large part of the offer does not exist.

6. Night products
– The idea of night products, outside the chrono-programming concept, is new since 2008.
– Concept: enjoy the night time to potentiate the activity of the main assets.
– Work primarily on lipogenesis, so limit the storage of fat.

7. The day/night cure
– These products follow the chronobiology of the body and lead to evening storage and destocking in the morning.
– Products offer: cure containing two products (containing a lipolytic active to apply the morning and one containing the active restricting the storage to be applied in the evening.)
– Dosage binding.
– In decline.

8. Products for men
– The idea: to offer people targeted topical products that slim the tummy and waist. Identical assets for feminine products.
– Recent concept (2009) and strong communication to the mass.