5 tips for beautiful eyelashes at your wedding

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For most of us, our wedding day will probably be the most memorable day of our life. We, like everyone else, desire to be the most beautiful, elegant and mostly, the happiest we can be on that very special day. Lash extensions can enhance your beauty in an effortless way.

Here are some advices to have the most perfect lash extensions at your wedding.

1. Make an appointment for a free consultation

Call a lash technician and ask for a free consultation before settling on any decision about it. This consultation should last about 15 to 20 minutes and will allow you to inquiry about all types of eyelash extensions possible.

2. Try different style of poses

It is crucial that your technician knows the date of your wedding. She will proceed to make an appointment with you 4 weeks prior to your wedding date in order to test one or 2 applications styles so you have a good idea of your preferred style.
3. Show pictures of looks you like

Bring your technician pictures/clippings of makeup looks and eyelash styles that you like or leaning towards for your wedding. The technician will able to judge if it matches with your eye shape and, it will be much easier to determine the best application possible.

4. Schedule a makeup test

If you have a makeup artist for your wedding preparations it would be best to make a “makeup and eyelash extension trial” in advance. Remember not to use waterproof mascara as it will interfere with the longevity of your extensions. It is always best to use Misencil eye and makeup remover
because it is 100% compatible with the eyelashes.
5. Get out of your comfort zone!

Don’t be shy to try various eyelash extensions styles! Even though you are more of a subtle-low key- type of person in general, all the cameras will be on you on this special day and you may want to consider going up a notch! After all, your wedding day is THE occasion to make things a little more special and get you out of your comfort zone. The eyelash extensions definitely make your look more glamourous and grand.

Misencil’s eyelash extensions are gaining massive popularity for occasions such as wedding or any special events. The eyelash extensions give the liberty to cry as much as you want since they are tear proof and will never let you down! More reasons to suggest an eyelash extensions application to all of your bridesmaids!