4 tips to protect your skin from the sun

Posted by Elissa Category: Blog

Ah, the sun! It is both our best friend and our worst enemy! Indeed, UVA rays accelerate aging of the skin, whether from the sun or from tanning lamps. The lighter is your skin, the more it is sensitive to this phenomenon. So our skin eventually lose its flexibility, dries, wrinkles appear and start to deepen…

Here are some quick tips on how to prevent your skin from aging prematurely:

1-Increase your intake of vitamin C

Vitamin C has antioxidants properties that counter free rays, responsible for premature aging the skin. More specifically, vitamin C will help to repair damaged skin by sun exposure.

2-Use sunscreen soundly

It is important to use a face sunscreen for your face and a body sunscreen for your body. Face creams are less rich and greasy and are less likely to leak in your extensions and weaken them or worst, make them fall. In addition, face sunscreens often give a higher SPF, which is recommended for sensitive skins.

3-Avoid treating your age spots during summer

If you notice the appearance of age spots on your face, do not start lightening treatment in the summer. Instead, wait until fall before starting this kind of treatment. During summer, this kind of treatment will not be conclusive.

4-Choose the hours that you are exposed to the sun

It is recommended to avoid sunbathing between noon and 2pm, when the sun is at its strongest. This will reduce considerably the risk of sunburn and damage to your skin.