Integration Training – Switching for Misencil

You’ve already been certified with a different eyelash extension brand but you now wish to join our great Misencil family?

Our Misencil Academy offers you a special training that will allow you not only to get to know our brand and discover all of what makes Misencil so different. Through our online platform, you will first review your technique based on the Misencil approach and you will learn about the products. Then you’ll have to practice on a model. You will be given great advice on artistic methods to maximize the impact of your clients’ looks.

Whether in person or 100% online, you will receive your certification at the end of the training as a Misencil Stylist, which will give you the possibility to be listed on our Misencil Store locator and getting access to the Misencil marketing products.

For more information, contact our team right away 1-888-492-9984 ext. 251 or complete the form below


Eyelash extensions certification


Approx. 8H

Model required



Misencil Lash Technician

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