Y Brush

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Get a perfect Misenlift eyelash enhancement with the Y- applicator brush. This brush is the perfect tool to place each lash on the cushion in an orderly and meticulous manner.

The flat end allows to fold down a section of eyelashes while the other end of the brush tip makes it possible to comb the eyelashes for a straight and not entangled finish.

Reusable tool, the Y-brush is made of hard plastic and easily sterilizable.

Quantity: 5 per package

To purchase this product, you mush have a lash lift professionnal account. You can request one here.


Apply the glue on the top of the enhancement cushion and fold down the lashes to attach them to the cushion.

Use the other side to brush genty into the lash line to even out the lashes.


Hard plastic

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