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In February 2019, Misencil introduced for the first time its products and its complete Eyelash Lift protocol named Misenlift®.

In April 2019, the complete Misenlift® box received the prestigious Prix de l’Innovation à Paris for its revolutionary results and its real advances in terms of ease, hygiene and training since at the time , for the first time, training is possible via e-learning.

After 3 years of laboratory work and testing, the Misencil teams are proud to unveil the Eyebrow Enhancement protocol, also called Browlift!

  • Without harsh ammonia for the skin, without Sodium bromate already banned in Canada, without odor so difficult to smell
  • With products tested under dermatological and ophthalmological controls, with impeccable results at each service and with … the same products as for Misenlift® Lash Lift
Donnez aux cils et sourcils naturels la courbure parfaite.

Le Coffret Misenlift® Browlift Deluxe Pro présente les éléments essentiels d’un soin de rehaussement de cils parfaitement réussi. Le best-seller nécessaire pour vous accompagner à travers cette technique exclusive Misencil® efficace et personnalisée dont tout le monde parle. Le rehaussement de cils nouvelle génération.

Ce tout nouveau chapitre nommé Misenlift® s’ouvre à vous pour combler toutes les femmes à la recherche d’un regard sublime et naturel.

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Contenu du coffret:

  • 1 x Mousse Nettoyante
  • 1 x Balance 7+ Stabilisateur
  • 15 x Paires de Patchs
  • 2 x Teintures
  • 1 x Oxydant en crème
  • 1 x Pinceau pour teinture
  • 1 x Godet de teinture
  • 15 x Lotion Permanente n° 1
  • 15 x Lotion Fixante n° 2
  • 15 x Lotion Nourrissante n° 3
  • 1 x Botulash® – Traitement pour cils et sourcils
  • 10 x Coussins de rehaussement (S)
  • 10 x Coussins de rehaussement (M)
  • 10 x Coussins de rehaussement (L)
  • 10 x Coussins de rehaussement – Courbure prononcée (S)
  • 10 x Coussins de rehaussement – Courbure prononcée (M)
  • 10 x Coussins de rehaussement – Courbure prononcée (L)
  • 5 x Brosses Y
  • 1 x Colle
  • 125 x Applicateurs sans fibre
  • 1 x Pellicule plastique
  • 15 x Brosses sourcils

Prix de l'Innovation Paris H. Pierantoni 2019

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Little revolution 💥,
High efficiency 👀,
Huge difference 🚀

Use the same products for your Eyelash Lift services as for your Browlift services.
Easily expand your skincare card with products you already know.
Continue to work safely and serenely with the benchmark brand in the entire eye beauty industry.

Browlift - avant après 1

Browlift - avant après 2

Browlift - avant après 3

Objective: acquire in practice and theory the technique of eyebrow enhancement or Browlift
Teaching aid: E-learning video – set of essential products to start the activity – course material given to the trainee – Scenario Target population All ages
Prerequisites: None
Evaluation: Certificate of Technician in Eyebrow Enhancement issued after complete viewing of the video
Duration: 1H30
– Presentation of the different stages of customer support
– Eyebrow observation and analysis process
– the different desired browlift styles
– The stages of the service
– expert tips
– Client recommendations

– Composition of Misencil kits
– Product characteristics

Application of theoretical knowledge

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