HD mini Adhesive

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A technological revolution in the eyelash extension industry! The High Definition adhesive is manufactured in a Canadian laboratory and bonds instantly to the natural lash.

It can be used for crystals, glitter and colored extensions. The client can apply makeup and shower 2 hours after application.

Color: translucid, lightly tinted

Clear bottle, 4,76 ml

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In details...

  • Target customer type

    • Seeking a natural look
    • Normal to dry skin

  • Adhesive Storage Conditions

    • Refrigerate
    • Work well in an ambiant temperature between 21 and 24­°C

  • Features

    • Long hold
    • Suitable for both classic and volume techniques
    • Softened eyeliner effect due to its transparency
    • Natural effect
    • For coloured eyelashes
    • For crystal application


Apply a drop of adhesive to the jade stone, then dip lash extension(s) in the adhesive, being careful not to touch the jade stone. Close the bottle with the needle cap to prevent air and humidity from altering adhesive quality. Store the bottle in its box, in the refrigerator or at a stable temperature between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius (66,2 Farenheit to 73,4 Farenheit).


• Avoid contact with the eyes or skin.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Close the bottle with the needle cap.
• Keep in refrigerator.

Do not wipe excess adhesive from the eyelash extensions before applying it to a natural lash in order to avoid crystallization.


Ethyl Cyanocrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate


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