Adapt Adhesive

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Designed using a new technology, the Adapt Adhesive has an increased durability that allows the drop to maintain its malleability on the jade stone, thus minimizing the risk of crystallization and whitish ring. Thanks to its ultra-fast drying capacity, this adhesive reduces the time of adhesion in both conventional and Russian volume applications. It
offers a drying time of +/- 1 second per extension. Misencil® is proud to launch its new high-performance adhesive that adapts effectively to the whims of your environment.
It is the only adhesive in the Misencil collection that needs to be stored at room temperature; refrigeration is to be avoided

Clear bottle 4,76 ml

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In details...

  • Target customer type

    • Seeking an intense look
    • Any skin type

  • Adhesive Storage Conditions

    • Conserve in an ambient temperature (away from the sun and significant temperature variations)
    • Work well in an ambiant temperature between 21 and 24­°C

  • Features

    • Excellent hold
    • Low fume adhesive
    • Suitable for both classic and volume technique experts
    • Any skin type


It is strongly suggested to consult the internet link as well as the technical instructions
and demonstrations to use this adhesive in an optimal way.

1. Cut the drop of the adhesive with the base of the extension
2. Avoid touching the jade stone at the bottom of the drop
3. Remove the extension through the top of the drop
4. Adopt an average speed of dipping, as much by entering the drop as coming out
5. Avoid contact of the glued extension with any surface before its application on the
natural eyelash
6. Place the base of the extension at 3-4mm from the base of the natural eyelash and
immediately slide the extension downward, and stop at 1 mm from the eyelid
7. Release the extension and maintain the isolation 1 second more
Properly close and tighten the cap after each use to prevent air and moisture from
affecting the quality of the adhesive. When needed, use the needle to remove excess
adhesive (to prevent blockage or obstruction). Store the bottle in its box on your work


• Avoid direct contact with skin or eyes.
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Keep on work space, do not refrigerate. Avoid exposure to direct light (sun, neon, etc.). Do not expose to heat or moisture.


2-cyanoacrylate d’éthyle, Alkoxy-2-canoacrylate, Poly Metyl Metcacrylate, 2-metoxyethyl 2-cyanoacrylate, Butyl monomer, Noir de carbone, 1.4 dihydroxybenzène


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