Eyelash Extensions


This is THE product that offers it all: save time every morning, even before getting out of bed, and show off sparkling eyes from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, after swimming in the pool or after a shower, throughout the year.


Eyes are the area of the face that generates the most purchases around the world, regardless of the makeup product involved. Mascara is at the top of all categories with around 60% of women wearing it on a daily basis -– it is the most used makeup product.

But mascara leaks. Mascara itches. Mascara does not suit every style. Mascara must always be removed and applied back again.

For all those reasons and more, eyelash extensions come at the rescue: true prolongation of the natural eyelash, the extension accompanies it during its growth and gently adapts to its curve so it will never weigh it down, allowing a natural development. No need to worry about it: eyelash extensions only require a few mascara brush strokes when you wake up to reposition them, like a quick comb. Fulfill your desires perfectly with extensions. It is exactly what you dreamed of and what you wanted from your mascara. So, what do you want? Volume? Length? Or both? The technician, your very own fairy, will adapt her technique to your desires.

Fake eyelashes? Stop living in the past! Apart from the fact that it is highly recommended to remove them frequently for hygiene reasons, their self-adhesive tape is often painful to remove and regularly causes skin reactions, unfortunately.

Finally, the lash lift technique is also very trendy. In a rather unnatural way, this allows eyelashes to look more lifted and gives a wider look impression. Unfortunately, the result is temporary and only existing natural eyelashes can be taken care of, which means the client has no choice regarding the style and thus, no questions about her lifestyle will be asked.


Are you sure you carefully observed your best friend or your work colleague? You must know that women with eyelash extensions are extremely rarely unmasked! Every single lash is flawless with eyelash extensions.
There are as many combinations of eyelash extension techniques to choose from as there are desires and morphologies to take into account. Here is a summary of techniques used with their different effects and results:

– First of all, classic extension, also called one on one extension, gives the most natural effect. One eyelash extension is applied on one natural eyelash. This technique is very light and is more about intensity of the look and length. In fact, these extensions are so natural even men can use them to simply intensify their look.

– For a more sophisticated style, the classic method can emphasize even more the look with thick or very thick extensions, for example. The glue used to apply the extensions is black, giving a fine eyeliner effect for a more mesmerizing look as a result.

– Lastly, the technique giving the richer effect is the Russian volume extension, also called 3D extension. This technique consists in applying a fan of eyelashes on one single natural eyelash. These eyelash extensions are specifically developed for this technique. They never weigh down the natural eyelash and are utterly safe for the client. This technique wears many names depending on the composition of the fan applied by the technician: 2D means a fan of two extensions, 3D means a fan of three extensions, 4D means a fan of four extensions, 5D means a fan of five extensions, etc.


The eyelash extension procedure is now so technologically advanced that the especially trained technician can adapt her art depending on the morphology. Also depending on the morphology, she can adapt her technique to the style desired by the client: more natural or more sophisticated. More precisely, the technician can give more or less volume when applying the extensions, and she can also add a whimsical touch with different colors for special events.
Products used by the technician are developed with maximum care: eyes are priceless. From the gold-tipped tweezers to patches used for safety reasons and to Balance 7, which balances the eyelash PH and optimizes extension adherence, everything is looked at in depth so the service can be as comfortable and comforting as possible.


Potential clients for eyelash extensions are easy to find: every woman who has ever worn mascara! Are your eyes sensitive? No problem! Highly strict hygiene and safety procedures are observed for people with sensitive eyes. As a matter of fact, the technician can adapt the glue and the patches used so you can enjoy beautiful eyelashes!
On average, a one on one eyelash extension session lasts one hour or one hour and a half, followed by a 30-minute only touch-up session four to six weeks later. In contrast, a Russian volume extension session lasts about two or two hours and a half. The touch-up session will last around 45 minutes.
When? Anytime! During summer, definitely before hitting the beach or going on vacation to make others jealous. What about the other seasons? You have as many good reasons as you want to have a glowing look, to skip the mascara chore and to have perfect eyelashes!

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