Eyelash Extension Tweezers

True continuity of your fingers, each millimeter of Misencil’s tweezers is studied to bring efficiency to each movement. Whether it is for an easy isolation or the creation of perfect bouquets, the eyelash extension tweezers will accompany you for each of your clients with precision.

All the tweezers in our range are easy to clean and, thanks to their coating, can be sterilized so that you can work in impeccable hygiene conditions.

Choosing a tweezer without being able to test it is very difficult ... but working with the range of Misencil tweezers, it's love at first sight every time you use it! The precision of the tip, the ease of use and the pressure to be applied, every detail has been thought of and you can feel it!

Alexia, Misencil technician for 5 years

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