Mega Volume Training





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Follow the new trend: The mega volume

An advanced technique to create more dense sets. In this training, you will learn, among other things, how to work with finer extensions, such as 0.04 mm to create fans of more than 6 extensions. Improve your technique, give your clients a new way to get a more intense look.

Safe for natural eyelashes, you will be able to create more volume while respecting the weight that can support a natural eyelash.

Follow the training online, from your smartphone, tablet or computer and view as many times as you want.

  • Learn 4 techniques for creating fans
  • Discover different mapping styles
  • Starter kit included
  • Get your certification of completion quickly


Lesson Plan


  • Consultation form
  • Hygiene
  • Application protocol
  • Work space
  • Tips for an optimal application
  • The Perfect Fan
  • Volume vs. Mega Volume
    • The Tree Technique
    • Pinched Technique 1
    • Pinched Technique 2
    • Double Fan Technique
    • Styling: The perfect line
    • Styling: ‘The Lash strip’ look


Cost of the training: $595 includes the starter kit

Content of the starter kit :

  • Mishka tray D 0.04-8-9mm
  • Mishka tray D 0.04-10-11mm
  • Volume Tweezer 45 degrees
  • Premium N°2 adhesive

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Safe for natural eyelashes

Mega volume allows you to create more volume while respecting the weight that can support a natural lash.

6 to 12 extensions per natural eyelashes

With a smaller diameter, the lash extensions for mega volume make it possible to make fans with a greater quantity of eyelashes by natural eyelashes.


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