What is YOUR strenght?

25 March 2020

At Misencil®, we are committed to ensure that every day of your week is punctuated by new knowledge, a new course or a blog post. I’m Delphine and this week I’m suggesting you reflect on yourself, just about yourself and focus on some points that never has a place in your day-to-day busy agenda!

We all take advantage of this period to refocus and find techniques and tricks to be able to develop our turnover as soon as the social distancing period ends. This is a very good time to reflect.

I wanted to share my experience with you and help you ask yourself a key question:

What makes MY strength?

Every week many institutes are created. Some are short term, others have a 20-year existence. What are their secrets?

While there are many factors that come into play, we must ask ourselves:

  • Why a client chooses my business rather than another?
  • Why is the client coming to my place?
  • Why is she coming back and why she keeps returning?

Together, we will review some basic rules to attract, satisfy and retain clients within an institute.

Your business is your image, literally: everything must breathe order and cleanliness.

Basic rules for attracting customers:

You are passionate, you have experience, you offer exemplary services.

But does your business reflect it? The atmosphere of your business should reflect your marketing positioning.

  • The display window

You have to change your window every month.

You can use the calendar to create automatisms and create a dynamic in your business to surprise your clients.

Change your display window every month, avoid overloading it, showcase the care of the season, promotions of the month, you can use seasonal themes.

The 1-month pace is ideal to surprise your customers and give interest. Of course this is a lot of work but it is also the sure bet in order to have at all times an impeccable window display that can generate sales.

Key rules for the layout of your display window:

In the middle: main products

A window reads itself in Z shape,

Always position products at a 60 inches height.

  • The color code of your business

Each color represents a sensation

Green: Nature

White: hygiene, medicine

Pink: femininity


Green tone: Ecological, natural product, organic care…

White tone: medical, new technology…

Pink: boudoir effect, femininity, glamour…

  • Music

Soft music will soothe, it’s going to be relaxing. On the contrary, a dynamic music will give vitality. You have to adapt to the general atmosphere you want to give to your business.

  • Sense of smell

Reed diffuser, air purifier. Your institute must have a fresh smell in the summer (e.g. citrus) and a warmer smell in winter (e.g. cinnamon).

  • Visuals

Your customers must have quick access to services, products and prices.

Don’t forget that during the care service(s) she will have her eyes closed.

The information must be clear.

  1. Price cards
  2. Pamphlets explaining services
  3. Pictures of your applications/services (e.g. slideshow…)
  4. Create a section with products & pictures (e.g. Serum with brochures, conditioner with product sheet in a beautiful frame)

Basic rules for Customer Satisfaction

There is an obvious basic rule that can sometimes be forgotten:

The last customer of the day is entitled to the same quality of service as the first one.

  1. Warm welcome: create automatisms.

Ex: Offer coffee, chocolate…

  1. Quality of services: keep the same ritual.

The care protocol must be the same for each client; your client will get into the habit of having an equal service in terms of quality, in terms of result and total time.

After each customer look around your cabin, your products are closed, the cabin is tidy, the trash can should not overflow…

  1. Quality of promotions: (event, offers…)

Surprise them with new productions, offer mix & match, packages:


The luxury pack: 1 full set – 1 refill – 1 care product offered.

The premium pack: 1 full set –  4 refills – 1 cleaning product offered.

This allows cash flow, customer retention and there is also a psychological impact because your client having paid everything the first time, will be happy to purchase other products or services at her next appointment.

As a general rule avoid making discounts, it is better to offer a product, this is more appreciated by your customers and more enticing for your margin.

Basic rules for keeping long term customers

Regularity, patience and perseverance

Did you know? Your client must be at least 4 times with you in order to end up being a loyal customer.

We consider our guests as guests at a party where we are the hosts. It’s our job to improve their experience a little more every day.


You need to offer something new to your customers:

  • Show your passion by regularly following new trainings and learning new techniques
  • Post, publish, show your interest in providing a better service
  • Participate in championships, contests and post them on your social media
  • Involve yourself in the community of your neighbourhood, make yourself known

Here’s  in short what will allow you to increase your customer loyalty and especially your turnover as soon as you resume your business

Don’t forget:

Get out of your comfort zone!

Logic will take you from point A to point B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

I remain available with great pleasure to answer all your requests

By email: d.girod@misencil.com

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